Weekly Recap

So yeah this weekly recap is going to look weak

Sunday, May 18
-Pure Barre Class #43 (6)

Monday, May 19
-Rest Day

Tuesday, May 20
-Pure Barre Class #44 (7)

Wednesday, May 21
-Pure Barre Class #45 (8)

Thursday, May 22
-Rest Day

Friday, May 23
-Rest Day

Saturday, May 24
-Rest Day

So yeah, not much to report this week, but this week was tough. With Memorial Day weekend getaway plans, and although I’m on summer break, with my free time I’m often trying to find ways to find something to do to fill it with, such as hanging out with friends.

Also, working out before or after working in the city is tough. After the commute home, I just want to do nothing. And before the commute there, I want to sleep more. I gotta figure out a better schedule to do this. My job does have a gym in the building, so I should figure out how to I corporate that into everything. And running- gah!

Pure Barre is getting there, but the studio gets so hot, I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m a sweating pig! Something I didn’t really think about during the colder months. Also, I need to figure out when to run, and I learned my lesson last summer the hard way- running during the day is the worst! And rain is the enemy, I’m slowly learning way a gym membership would be beneficial- sometime the outdoors just doesn’t work out for you.

And omg, this weather is killing me. My allergies and the heat I feel makes me just want to sit around and be lazy. Not exactly what I need at the moment.

But a highlight of the week was on Wednesday, since I just did laundry, I forgot to put my clean sticky socks In my gym bag! So I had to buy some before class, so I got some fun ones- the turquoise ones 🙂 I only have plain ones but I think as a reward system I will be buying the mint and purple soon 🙂 the red ones are for 100 club members and there’s always a special pink one for breast cancer so I’ll get those when that time comes.


Omg nike you’re tempting me again.


Saw this on twitter today, and omg I’m so tempted to do it!

I’m really wanting to do it mainly because I would automatically get in since I’m currently a student (although I’ll be a student until 2017 so I don’t know why I’m panicking like I’ll never be one again lol)

Maybe it’s because of the high from DC still. Or that who doesn’t want to have another nike experience?!

Reasons why I shouldn’t:
-THE HILLS. Everyone talks about it. It’s bad.
-it’s during the school year but like in the middle of the semester- could be tricky to figure out, DC was towards the end of my semester so I could prepare teachers if I needed a day off (I had no classes on Fridays so it wasn’t an issue)
-training during the summer- sounds horrible
-I need company. I need more friends who are students and run! (I don’t know how I would if done DC without Kathleen and Lauren, and I didn’t register in their group! I got in as an individual entry!)
-$$ yeah it will cost some money gah money

Reasons why I should do it
-guaranteed entry!!!! I mean, seriously, knowing for sure you get in is amazing!
-another Tiffany’s necklace
-fireman in tuxedos 😉
-tackle another half marathon
-another nike experience

Gah I don’t know. It’s so tempting. Maybe I should just advertise the heck outta this to friends who are also students and see what I can do and decide from there. lol

Would you ever do a destination race by yourself?

I will admit-I don’t mind doing many things by myself (ok except for eating in public, gotta get over that someday) it took me awhile to get to that for races but eventually I got sick of waiting for other people to want to do something that I want to do. And when it comes to races, I don’t run with then anyways, it’s more so for pictures I feel.

But the races I have done alone were local- I could get there myself without a problem. I would consider other destinations that are maybe driving distances to do alone. But I feel San Fran is pretty far to do alone.

More #werundc gear

Yeah, it’s insane to think that race is over, but yet I’m still (ok I gave up) waiting for pics of me from the race. I’m almost constantly reminded of this race because of my necklace, reading blogs I met at the bloggers brunch, but also because of other stuff I’ve gotten on line (nike.com seriously, gotta stay away!)

I knew after my purchase at the Nike Georgetown, I was still thinking about some other items, but hey, I had to make sure I had enough money to eat and whatnot for the rest of the weekend!

One thing I really wanted was a pair of shoes. When they first released the pics, I was sad- there was no Tiffany blue shoes! I knew there would be another release of shoes, so I waited for that, and there was no Tiffany blue there either. But one shoe caught my eye- the nike free 4.0 flyknit


I remember the details got to me- they have the date of the race on there, just the little details were too good!


I also didn’t realize until later that the silver charm, if I flip it, that also has the date of the race, so I flipped one for it to be shown.


I love these shoes. I wear them everywhere- to class, to work, to pure barre, just everywhere!


I will admit, when I first saw these in person, I had no idea what the flyknit material would be, and it took some time getting use to wearing it (it’s a really cozy fit, like a sock feeling) and I also can’t decide if I should wear socks when I wear this too? I don’t, but so far I’ve just worn them around- I haven’t worked out or run in them (I would give working out in them a try, I’m not too sure about running)

Another thing I order was that sweatshirt I was eyeing at the Nike Georgetown too (and also when they first released the clothing line on line). As soon as I saw that I was able to buy it on line, I took it as a sign and bought it!


I also wear it a lot (until recently, it’s been pretty chilly in Chicago land area) so it’s been perfect for my walking commute from the train station to the office


Gotta work on this selfie thing, and I had people in the elevator with me until floor 19!

Just thought I would share other items I got recently! And as crazy as it sounds, I’m considering buy those lunar racers from the DC line also, but I told myself I need those new Saucony running shoes first!

Teach me how to bustle, teach me teach me how to bustle

So, the other day as part of my maid of honor duties, I went to Jane’s bridal fitting to make sure I knew how to bustle her dress.

When I was maid of honor the first time, I remember Chelsea told me I needed to go, and I was like, “ok, it can’t be that hard to put a dress together.” I was confused- I didn’t remember reading about this in bridesmaids books I bought (I got quite a deal for them since at the time borders was going out of business, and I didn’t want to mess things up!my first time standing in a wedding and I’m the maid of honor?! Gotta make sure I knew what I was doing!) but I went.

And boy, I was like “wtf is going on” at that fitting.

It turns out, Chelsea’s dress was difficult, for we had to do a French bustle since her dress was swept to the side. The alterations lady, Sue even drew me a diagram! I was just speechless- how could something that looks so simple be so darn difficult?!

The alternations appointment was helpful, Sue made me dress Chelsea and gave me tips how to put her into the corset back faster by bending the string and all that jazz.

On Chelsea’s wedding day, I actually forgot the diagram Sue made me, so I had to improvise, but I think it turned out well?


I had such a hard time finding the buttons, and it didn’t help that the photographer was there snapping pics! Oh well, it probably didn’t help that I didn’t remember how many buttons there were. Oops.


So, here I was, at Jane’s bridal fitting and I got a pen and paper ready, getting my phone out to take pics, and once the lady shows me it’s just two buttons I need to find, I was relieved!

Obviously, I can’t post the pic of the dress since the wedding hasn’t happened yet (June 21!) but once it does I’ll post a pic so you can see how much simpler it was 🙂

I also got my dress the other day, fits alright just gotta get some alternations since I’m not a busty gal, but it it’s a dress I really like and might re wear again (I’ll post a pic once the wedding happens and maybe you guys can really tell me if this is true or not)

Weekly Recap

I’ve seen on other blogs people do weekly recaps, which are a nice way to reflect on how training went and to keep myself accountable. So, I’ve decided to give this a shot. It works out well since I haven’t done much exercising until this past week anyways, and it will be good practice for I have a 10k coming up!

Sunday, May 11
-Rest Day

Monday, May 12
-Rest Day

Tuesday, May 13
-Pure Barre Class #38 (1st day back from a 10 week hiatus!)

Wednesday, May 14
-Pure Barre Class #39 (2)

Thursday, May 15
-Pure Barre Class #40 (3)

Friday, May 16
-Pure Barre Class #41 (4)

Saturday, May 17
-Pure Barre Class #42 (5)

I’m just trying to get back into working out again, and I’ll start adding in running too.

Overall these barre classes have been rough, even though I’ve been to them before and I know what to expect. I’m still pretty sore (and yeah, it did hurt to sneeze for awhile) but I already seen an increase of flexibility. I’m just so nice to be back in the studio again and to know I’m getting a full body work out within an hour.

My first pair of running shoes/excitement for the next ones

So the other day I got SUPER excited because on twitter Saucony tweeted this:


I love this because:

-7 is my favorite/lucky number
-I’m due for new shoes (I love my Ride 6 but I think it’s time for it to retire, especially after half marathon training)
-just gahhhhh I can’t wait!

Here’s a pic of my first pair:


I got these babies July 2013. After completing a few 5ks in my nike shox (I know what was I thinking?!) I did noticed my knee was always in pain around mile 2, and Lauren suggested that I go and get fitted for a pair of shoes. What sealed the deal was when I looked in one of my swag bags from a race and advertise a local running store and offer me a free pair of socks! And that I had a 10k coming up, and I did not want to feel that knee pain so close to the beginning of the race.

Yeah, I didn’t know what to expect from that fitting. I had work later that day, so I was dressed in normal day to day clothes. I ran on the treadmill as they filmed me (I expected that, heard that from a lot of people)

What I didn’t expect was just how much more running I would do! I ran in every shoe I tried, and it came down to the brooks ghost and the saucony rides. I would run with one on each foot, and then switch that. I was EXHAUSTED! I was running at noon, and not in gym clothes or a sports bra! I was dying!

I will admit, I picked the saucony ones mainly because of the color- I mean, how can you turn down bright neon yellow shoes!? But they have been good to me.

The shoe fitting appointment was good- I learned a lot about my stride (I’m neutral, but apparently I crash REALLY hard on my landings, so I need something with lots of cushioning on the front of the shoe) and the important of not using regular socks- I had no idea that was important too!

If you would of told me when I got those shoes that I would run a half marathon by the time the next shoe comes out, I would of thought you were crazy (At the time, I thought about maybe signing up for The Electric Run, The Color Run, and The Hot Chocolate Run)

It’s insane to think how much has changed and what I’ve done in these shoes, can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish in my next pair 🙂

Why do you want to be a nurse?

This is a question I get asked often once people find out I’m in nursing school. It often follows by “what kind if nurse do you want to be?”

With nurses week ending last week and it being the first week of my summer break, I finally had time to watch a movie I’ve been wanting to watch for awhile- a documentary call “Today We Saw the Face of God” through Amazon.



This movie had a special place in heart since it involves the organizations I work with when I go to Haiti.

Ok, back up- some background information. When I went away for college, I never really had too much of a clear idea of what I wanted to do. Being in health care sounded cool, but besides that I couldn’t tell you exactly what role I wanted in the scheme of things. I picked a major that had the word health in it, and picked the concentration of health administration and planning, it sounded interesting.

Towards the end of my undergrad days, I had to do an internship, so I did one at a free clinic and non-profit group mainly doing office work, and it was there I noticed I was always wondering what the nurses were doing, not really happy just pushing papers and relaying information on how to become a client at the clinic.

Also during my undergrad days, I was really involved with leadership development and community service- I would go on alternative breaks trips around the country. I then wanted to take it a step further- go international.

I tried to go with a group on campus but it fell through, and when this got brought up to one of my BFFs mom (who goes to Haiti regularly) she asked if I would go with her, and I immediately said YES!

So just like that, I signed up to go during my spring break of my super senior year- literally 8 weeks before I get my bachelors degree.

And that trip forever changed me.

It was the first time I ever left the continent. It was the first time I saw poverty fist hand, and the first time I saw how some people weren’t too happy to see Americans, and it was where I saw what else nurses could do.

I’ve been lucky not to have to go to the doctor a lot, so I mainly saw nurses as people I saw before I saw the doctor, the ones that gave me shots, the ones that often asked a lot of questions. That was my interaction with them.

In Haiti, I saw the care and compassion that nurses and nurse practitioners gave, the amount of knowledge they had about almost anything that got tossed at them, and I wanted to be them.

I came back and had to face a hard decision- I never took any classes to get into nursing school, do I really want to start almost all over again?

I decided yes, and went to try to pursuit that dream- taking chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, and microbiology was tough, and to go from living on my own to back home was tough (and still is somewhat). I had many decisions to make- what route did I want to go with my education ( I had every route available since I have my bachelors already) It was rough, and after getting letters that said “No” I seriously considered giving up, I didn’t know what else to do. I can only try so much and improve my application in so many ways, and I felt I was reaching at the end of the rope. But I finally got a “Yes” and the journey has interesting. It has it’s ups and downs, but I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end.

I’ve been to Haiti 3 times now (2011, 2012, and 2013) this year was the first year I couldn’t go due to school, but it exciting to know the next time I go, I will have RN next to my name 🙂

What kind of nurse do I want to be? I don’t know, but a good one. It changes every day- from an ER nurse, to nurse anesthetist, to birth and delivery (I start that in August!), to flight nurse, to a peds or family nurse practitioner, to a womens health nurse, or something with diabetes education, as you can tell, the list goes on and changes daily. But what I do look forward to is being able to give back not just on a community level, but globally also.