Weekly Recap

I’ve seen on other blogs people do weekly recaps, which are a nice way to reflect on how training went and to keep myself accountable. So, I’ve decided to give this a shot. It works out well since I haven’t done much exercising until this past week anyways, and it will be good practice for I have a 10k coming up!

Sunday, May 11
-Rest Day

Monday, May 12
-Rest Day

Tuesday, May 13
-Pure Barre Class #38 (1st day back from a 10 week hiatus!)

Wednesday, May 14
-Pure Barre Class #39 (2)

Thursday, May 15
-Pure Barre Class #40 (3)

Friday, May 16
-Pure Barre Class #41 (4)

Saturday, May 17
-Pure Barre Class #42 (5)

I’m just trying to get back into working out again, and I’ll start adding in running too.

Overall these barre classes have been rough, even though I’ve been to them before and I know what to expect. I’m still pretty sore (and yeah, it did hurt to sneeze for awhile) but I already seen an increase of flexibility. I’m just so nice to be back in the studio again and to know I’m getting a full body work out within an hour.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Wow, way to go with the barre classes for 5 days! I’ve heard they’re really tough. I do like doing a weekly recap on my blog since it’s an easily accessible way to keep a log of my training, how I feel, etc. And like you said, it helps keep me accountable. There are days when I don’t feel like going out for a run and then I think, “but what will I say in my weekly review?!?”

    • Thanks! It’s been tough but gah gotta make that unlimited monthly membership worth my money! You should def give a shot! And omg I will start thinking that way too- what will readers read if I do nothing all week?! Lol

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