Weekly recap- btn big 10k week 4

Sunday, June 22
-Nothing! I had a post wedding brunch and then it was driving back to Chicago.

Monday, June 23
-Pure Barre #70

Tuesday, June 24
-Pure Barre #71

Wednesday, June 25
-Pure Barre #72

Thursday, June 26
-I had plans to go to the late evening pure barre class after work but I slept through my nap alarm and completely missed class ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Friday, June 27
-Pure Barre #73
It was also free friend Friday! And I finally brought a friend- I took jane- my friend that just got married and I had the pleasure of standing in her wedding.

I’ve been trying to bring friends to free friend Friday but it’s difficult since I normally work in the city this day so I either go to an early class or no class at all. I still want to bring my mom, my sister and anyone else really and show them what pure barre is all about!

Then I headed down to stl for a fun weekend with Lauren ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday, June 28
-Race day- Macklind Mile!

Shortest race ever. But fun!

It’s crazy to think the last time me and Lauren did a race together it was 13.1 miles for a Tiffany’s necklace. Then it was just 1 mile for smoothie king. Lol.


Upcoming races for 2014!

It’s crazy to think the year is half way over and the 4th of July is next week (seriously where has the time gone?!)

And with a race coming up this weekend I figured I share some other races I have plan for the upcoming year!

This weekend, I’m traveling to STL to see Lauren! I haven’t seen this girl since the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC in April!

A lot of my friends have complained I often only see them when it’s cold out (for Lauren, I’ve only seen in STL in Feb and March) mainly because I feel summer slips away due to wedding stuff (I have been attending/standing in a wedding every year expect for ’13 since ’09, it’s just that point in my life) and I mean, it’s the Midwest. It’s cold for like forever. But now that nursing school has made it almost impossible to see people during the school year unless I go during breaks, I’ve made it a priority to make sure I see some this summer!

We are running the Macklind Mile race! My shortest race- just 1 mile! I’m hoping this race will get me back into running since I have been slacking on my 10k training.


Other races I plan on doing is:

-BTN big 10k-happening on July 26. Gotta start running. It’s a month away!


I’m running for the awesome tech shirt and this year thing is a trucker hat (wtf are Ed Hardy sneakers going to be on sale there also? And Von Dutch tanks?) Last year was sunglasses (that I wear all the time) and the year before that was a giant foam finger (proudly displayed in my room)


-Ditka dash- I’m suppose to do this with a friend I went to Haiti with! Happening in September, I gotta check and see if this is still open it sold out last year. Chicago just loves DA BEARS!


-SkyRise Chicago- the Sears tower Stair Climb! I will be climbing 2,109 steps/103 stories on Nov 2!


Yeah yeah I know the technically name is Willis Tower but no one in Chicago calls it that.

-Hot Chocolate 15k- I was planning to do the 15k since I did the 5k last year and what was going to seal the deal for me was the hoodie they give out this year. Not only do I love the hoodie, but 15k finishers get a medal! And I get to check off a other distance off my bucket list! This is happening on Nov 9th.


What really made me happy was normally the SkyRise and Hot Chocolate race occur the same day, forcing me to pick between the two or trying to figure out start times. Well this year since there’s a home Bears game on Nov 2, the Hot Chocolate race got changed to Nov 9, so now I can do both with no worries and not having to pick between them! So I get to knock off the 15k distance and another stair climb in Chicago so after this I need to do an 8k and the Presidential Tower Stair Climb to say I’ve done it!

Then, I gotta figure out more half marathons (ah runcations you get me!) and how to get into the Chicago marathon ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and that sprint triathlon.

Do you have any more races planned for the year?

SUP! (Stand up paddleboarding!)

So on Sunday, 6/1, I went SUP!

Me and my BFF Chelsea saw this deal on groupon and decided to take advantage since the weather in Chicago is finally nice out!

Now, if you ever bought anything off groupon or any other site similar to it, you know sometimes there are certain rules you have to follow. I had that experience when I bought a kayaking one and a snowboarding one. Sometimes you have to go on certain days and times, and sometimes some days are blacked out. So right away, we called the company and found it was so easy to make a reservation, and since we know weather is a huge factor, we booked it for the next day!

The company we went to was Chicago Paddle Rentals. We took the el and the bus to the harbor. Once we found the company, we checked out stuff with the staff and off to the water!

I must admit- SUP is hard. It was windy that day, and the water was choppy so that made it a bit difficult. I really wanted to get more pictures but I was terrified of my phone dropping into the lake!

I was skeptical when the website told me that I would be up and paddling within minutes. I was like, how?! But they were right. It is very simple, you just need to be careful, aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid of falling in the water (I think that hinder me for awhile- I wore my shorts with my phone for awhile before I decided to ditch my shorts and phone then I was more comfortable.)

Overall I enjoyed SUP, I just need to be better prepared next time (like being a change of clothes, don’t bring my life with me, have a friend on the harbor to take more cool pics of me)

Here are a few pics. I think I need to invest in a water proof camera or get an otter box. Or have a water phobic friend be my paparazzi lol





Weekly recap- btn big 10k week 3

Sunday, June 15
-Pure Barre Class #64 and #65

My first double! Not too bad if there’s a break between classes I don’t know if I could do two back to back.

Monday, June 16
-Pure Barre Class #66 and #67

I thought about sleeping in when that alarm went off for the 6am class but good thing I went because it was the customer appreciation class and I won the Cosmo Beauty Bar gift card!


Tuesday, June 17
-Pure Barre Class #68 and #69
-and the end of the 20 classes in 30 days (which I did in 17 days!) woot woot!


Woot woot winner winner chicken dinner


Wednesday, June 18
So in Chicago the lululemon stores are hosting yoga on the rooftop every other Wednesday! Unfortunately it got cancelled due to the rain just like the last session. Grr

Me and chels decided to get food and there was a sushi place right next door so we went there. It wasn’t a great experienced and me being a newish sushi person order just raw scallop :/


Thursday, June 19
Prepping for Jane’s wedding. Massages, spray tans and no chip mani and pedi!

Friday, June 20
Traveling to wedding- my bumper popped out while driving. So yeah that was fun.

Saturday, June 21
We lost the marriage license for awhile and then found it, the limo had no AC and misunderstood us and left while we took pics so when we came back out it was gone and we had a wedding to be at! And it rained so no outdoor pics.

Whew! What a week!

Bani Band headbands: review and giveaway!

Happy Monday! Let’s do something different today from my usual weekly recap…

So remember that one time I went to DC to run my first half marathon? And I ended up going to a bloggers brunch?

At that brunch, I got a headband from Bani Bands and they contacted me and asked if I would do a review and giveaway and I said yes!

So, as a runner/fitness freak/barre addict (I like to call myself a barrebie runner :p) headbands are pretty much essential to your outfit. I get so mad at myself when I realize I left mine at home.

And not only is having one good, but finding one that doesn’t slip is another must.

Bani Bands gave me two headbands to try out:


I picked this one mainly because of the colors- as you know, I’m a Illini fan and these are their colors. And the Chicago Bears! And who doesn’t love glitter?!

This stayed on my head pretty well, I think the glitter texture like helps it stay on my hair! But, at the same time that glitter material is rough to touch.

I’m definitely using this headband again for my big ten big 10k run next month ๐Ÿ™‚

The other one I got was just a plain medium width one:


This one was good. I mainly picked out this color because I also plan on using this for nursing school for clinicals- another time where you might need a good headband! I know I needed them at times where my hair was in the way but my hands were busy.

Overall, I like the Bani Bands. They are good headbands that don’t slip when you’re working out, have adjustable elastic backs, and are at a good price point.

Now it’s your turn- you can enter a chance to win a 3 pack of Bani Bands!


Hurry! You only have until 11:59pm on Wed, June 25!

DISCLAIMER:ย I received one Bani Band at the bloggers brunch and received two complimentary band from the company to review. ย However, everything in the review is my honest opinion andย and I do not work for, or have received any money from Bani Bands for posting my blog review of their product.

World refugee day

So I didn’t learn this until last year but every year on June 20th is world refugee day

This day hits close to home since both of my parents are refugees


The pic above is my parents at a refugee camp. My parents met in the USA, but the pic of my dad I think is very powerful

My mom decided to leave Vietnam one night and had a fairly easy trip- her boat had no engine for a few days and then got sponsored by her aunt and uncle since she married an American soldier

My dad is another story- he actually got caught and was on his way to prison but was able to escape since someone in his group was in the military and knew when the viet conf was changing guards and he ran for it. His cousins were in USA and knew he was on his way and told their sponsors about him and their church for someone to sponsor him

This is basically all I know. It’s a rather touchy subject for my parents to talk about but I’m so thankful for what they did for my life could be completely different.

To learn more about refugee day:


Weekly recap- btn big 10k week 2

Oh life, no running and too much fun in the city.

Sunday, June 8
-Pure Barre Class #57

Can I just say- pure barre hung over is the worst? I can’t believe I made it to the 2pm class driving from the city back to the burbs and the class was packed! Classes have been packed lately since there’s a groupon out and that 20 classes in 30 days challenge going on too. And it’s summer!

Monday, June 9
-Pure Barre Class #58

After work I got dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time (6 months! Basically since her bday/engagement so much to talk about!) And we got the best pizza in Chicago (nope- not Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s) but Pequod’s! And of course I didn’t take any pictures ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But afterwards we went to Sweet Mandy B’s- I had my bday cake from there but I’m a cupcake girl so I got to try some ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuesday, June 10
-Pure Barre Class #59

Wednesday, June 11
-Pure Barre Class #60

I had a sweet surprise this day- I got VIP tickets to the Backstreet Boys Concert! Talk about a 90’s throwback! And I found out I got a scholarship so that was nice to see also in my email ๐Ÿ™‚

Thursday, June 12
-Pure Barre Class #61

Friday, June 13
-Pure Barre Class #62

Work was rough at the office- I’m still pretty new and I just get so nervous whenever I do something new. The best thing this day was I FINALLY have internet on my computer! I’ve been working without internet for about 3 months now!

After work I went to a Happy Hour Party at Howl at the Moon (I know, the free parties that everyone wins) I’m just over this place. I’ve been there for so many other free parties and bachelorette parties but it was way too crowded for me.

Afterwards I went to Taste of Randolph! Super crowded but totally worth the wait for a burger from Grange Hall Burger Bar ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday, June 14
-Pure Barre Class #63

I went back to the Taste of Randolph with other friends that wanted to go. My BFF Chelsea knew the band playing at noon and my other friend TZ has never been and wanted to go. I knew this fest is a good one so I figured why not go twice?! I got more food! Lol

So yeah no running. This sinus thing sucks but fading and I think I just have to suck it up and start running with a stuffy nose and in the hot weather. Ahh!

I will admit I’m focusing more on this pure barre challenge. I’m neck to neck with another girl to win the challenge and with my friends wedding this upcoming weekend and stuff to do for that and having to go out of town, I have to strategize and double a day. But I’m sure once that’s over not only am I closer to the 100 club but I’ll go back to running.