Btn big 10k- reflect and preview

So tomorrow, I’m running the btn big 10k race for the third time!

This is a race I don’t mind repeating. It’s such a fun race since it involves all of the schools in big ten and you get to represent your alma mater!

This race first came to Chicago in July ’12. I remember it was the first race that appeal to me mainly because of the Illini stuff you get at the end. The first year I did the 5k option.


That year was horrible. It was so hot and humid. And I didn’t train for it at all. So that wasn’t fun either. I was like, um people do this for fun? This running thing? Lol

Besides getting a shirt in your school they always give away something else. That year it was foam fingers! I still have mine!


Then last year my friends and I decided to take it to the next level- let’s do the 10k. And my friend Taylor got some of her friends to join and I was outnumber by MSU people.


They also gave out medals for the first time. And the other item that gave away in your school colors were sunglasses which I still use all the time 🙂



The only thing I didn’t like about last year was I didn’t understand why they switch Illinois from orange to blue. As you can tell in the pics my friend Taylor in MSU- they were green both years and are green this year also. It’s not like there’s another school that has similar or the same colors as the Illini- so why switch it? Orange is so unique in big ten- no one else has that color but the Illini.

And I also didn’t train for the 10k either. Boy was my body hurting for awhile after the race!

I’ll save pics of this years race for my recap after it happens. But as of right now- I’m not too thrilled. The shirt I feel has a lot going on but it’s orange, and the item giving away is trucker hats. And once again I didn’t really train for this. One thing I noticed was different already is normally they give you a drawstring bag for bag check and this year is clear. Probably since clear bags are the new thing? Sorry I don’t have a pic of those bags, i do t know where they are! So yeah…should be interesting!

7 thoughts on “Btn big 10k- reflect and preview

  1. I just heard about this race this year and of course it falls on the weekend I’m out of town! I am so jealous you’re running it!
    And, of course, good luck out there- I-L-L!

  2. Being a football fan i loved this run. I ran it last year, and will be running it again this year. There were minor things i didn’t like, but I’m sure many others had similar complaints, and the minor things will get fixed in the future. Go Illini!

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