Chicago Fests: Chicago Food Social and Nutella Truck!

So on Saturday (08/23) was a food truck extravaganza day!

My sister told me she found out a Nutella truck was coming to Chicago! And I knew I had to go and see it!


And then also found out there is a food truck social! Even though my last experience wasn’t that great (and gahh still need to post that!) I was willing to give this a shot.

So it was off to the city we go to find food on wheels!

We did the Nutella truck first since they didn’t give us an ending time we wanted to make sure we catch it! We found it in Grant Park without a problem.


They gave away your choice to trying Nutella on oranges or waffles and I picked waffles and ate my sample in a second. We then tried to get pics with the biggest jar of Nutella.



And we also got bumper stickers


I suck at this selfie game

After that, it was off to the food truck fest!


I heard about this just the day before. After working in the city, I had an eye appointment to dilate my eyes and I saw the Chicago Cupcake truck and decided to treat myself because it’s Friday! I then learned about the fest. I remember hearing about it last year but I couldn’t go, so I knew I had to go this year!

Admission was $5 (not bad, the disaster I went to before was $10) and the lines were not bad! Basically no lines. I think it was because of the weather- it did rain randomly, and I think we came at a good time- like 8pm.

I first got pierogis from Pierogi Wagon. I’ve heard many people love this truck so I was excited to see it there.


I kept it simple- potatoes and cheese with sour cream, regular size.



While we were eating, we got free chicken!


From Cluckson’s. It was good chicken. The owner didn’t want the food to go to waste, and it didn’t! Our table made sure it didn’t. I’m not too sure what it was, but it was kinda spicy but I liked it. Judging from it’s twitter, it looks like it’s kinda new to the food truck scene.


I then got some firecracker Rangoon from Chicago Lunchbox. They are banh mi sandwich place (which I LOVE, I grew up eating these sandwiches since I’m Vietnamese). But since I was kinda full from other food, I decided to try other things from them.


I liked them- just the right amount of punch of spiciness.



Then of course I had to stop by Chicago Cupcake since they were the ones that told me about the fest! I got a cookie dough one for later ๐Ÿ™‚


So far, I’ve had creme brรปlรฉe and turtle. The cookie dough is my fave so far


During the fest, they had music on. It was good, also better than the other fest I went to earlier.


Overall, this was a good fest. Although I was sad to see that some of the trucks left after the rain (I was looking for Fat Shallot and Toasty Cheese) I’m still happy.

There’s one more food truck that will happen in October call Chicago Food Truck Festival. I’m hoping to go to that one also. And I just learned there’s a Mac and cheese fest coming in October!

Back to nursing school

I’ve mentioned here a few times about being in nursing school. And now I’m back in school. I had my first day on Tuesday Ekk! Summer is over! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Over the summer I received a scholarship and they asked me a few questions for publication and to learn more about me.

I figured- hey this could be a good blog post!


I feel like I look more like a doctor more so than a nursing student in this photo lol

-What am I looking forward to this coming school year?

I’m really looking forward to the different clinical settings I will be in this year. I’m finally in hospitals and get to work with other populations. At the moment, I’m doing family health, more so on reproductive health, so pregnancies, and seeing how life starts. I’m excited and yet scared- the videos and pictures I’ve seen is probably the best form of birth control at the moment lol

I get to also do a psych/mental health part later in the school year. I’m also kinda of excited and scared for that one, mental health is important and yet it lacks much support for it. I took an abnormal pysch class and people with bipolar and schizophrenia came to talk to us- it’s truly something you can never understand unless you have it.

-What are my favorite activities outside of school?

I’m sure you can figure out what I put here – Pure Barre, running (even though we are on a break at the moment), my fitbit, stair climbs in Chicago, and running races!

I would also probably add- anything big ten related (especially my ILLINI), Chicago sports pride (bears, cubs, bulls, and hawks).

And of course, I’m always hungry and will try most foods/cuisine in the city. And I’m a cupcake, ice cream, and macaroon lover ๐Ÿ™‚

-What goals do I have for my career after graduating from college?

After my program, I will take the NCLEX exam to become and RN. Since I’m in an associates degree, I will then do an RN-BSN bridge program so I can enter a Magnet status hospital. After working awhile, I would love to get an advance degree in nursing- I think nurse practitioners are amazing. I just need to figure out which population and specialty care I would to provide (I have a soft spot for family nurse practitioners- they can see anyone- from the womb to the tomb ๐Ÿ™‚ )

So yeah, that’s a bit more about me! Even though I’m excited school is happening again, I’m also already counting down to winter break (12/12) just because the stress level is already so high and it’s only been 2 days and no clinicals yet! Gahhh

Chicago Drinks: Two Brothers Brewery (Warrenville, IL)

Ever since I went to the Harpoon Brewery tour, it got me thinking of other brewery tours. Even though I’m not a huge fan of beer, I appreciate the process and learning more about it. I guess it’s the nerd in me.

So besides Harpoon, I have done the Anheuser Busch in St. Louis (twice!) and there’s a somewhat well known one by me- Two Brothers!

And yes, I gotta get to Chicago and do the Goose Island one day.

I love Two Brothers when it comes to their food. It’s a place I will take friends to if they are in the ‘burbs and it’s the place that made me love fish tacos.

Many people also love their beer. I have had a few of theirs and it’s not bad.

Tours are free, and are only on weekends.


On your tour, they also give you tickets for 3 free samples and drinking is encourage on the tour so they told us to head to the bar.

Since both me and my sister aren’t huge beer drinkers, we couldn’t decide what to drink so the beer tender gave us some flights.


From R-L: Atom Smasher, Domaine DuPage, Ebel’s Weiss, Side Kick.

I liked the first two the best, then they got more bitter and hoppy.

So both me and my sister got Atom Smasher for the tour.


Before we knew it, the tour was on it’s way. I learned a lot on the tour- the brothers are from my hometown, and are expanding to Arizona soon! I remember seeing Them being sold during undergrad, which is where the brothers went to college also! They also have a second location call the Roundhouse in Aurora, IL but they don’t make much beer there since the water mineral content is different. They also started brewing coffee!


Afterwards, we got some food and of course I got the fish tacos. Yum.


Since we got free flights before our tour and were quite full from lunch, we gave our sample tickets away to another group sitting nearby since we overheard they were going on the next tour.

This was a great way to start off our foodie adventure on Saturday!

Chicago Eats: Hot Doug’s

So on Tuesday (08/19), I went to the famous hot dog place in Chicago- Hot Doug’s!

I’ve heard of this place through my cousins and it has been on “No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain. And just recently, they announced that they are closing for good starting Oct. 4th.

Therefore, I knew I had to go once school starts since I knew it would be more difficult for me to do so. And they have rather strange hours and are closed on Sundays and random holidays.

People have often waited on average 2 ish hours. But the Redeye, a paper did a study by using social media said the lines are somewhat shorter on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Yeah, my position in line when I first came isn’t in the picture.

Even with the rain, I waited 2 hours ish, but it was worth it.

I like hot dogs, I believe it’s something to enjoy at sporting events and reminds me of summer. And I tend to eat it with ketchup (a sin in Chicago)

But this was honestly the best hot dog I’ve ever eaten. I had it chicago style but no pickles, and no ketchup. And a side of fries.


I didn’t know a hot dog could taste so good and I’m upset I waited so long to have it. Oh well, but I’m glad I was able to get it once before it shuts down for good.

Now I gotta find another good hot dog joint in Chicago…

Weekly recap

This will be the weakest weekly recap ever.

Sunday, 8/17
-more Boston fun and traveling back to Chicago

Monday, 8/18

Tuesday, 8/19
-nothing- but I waited in line for 2 hours for a hot dog at Hot Doug’s. Totally worth it!

Wednesday, 8/20

Thursday, 8/21

Friday, 8/22

Saturday, 8/23
-nothing- more like a last summer fling-Two Brothers Brewery Tour, Nutella Truck, and Chicago Food Social Food Truck Fest!

So yeah, I haven’t worked out in awhile now. This week has been somewhat stressful since it’s the last week of summer I’ve been busy doing things all before school starts on Tuesday. Ahhhh! Checking my email constantly, trying to figure out my work schedule, and cramming in more fun because for the next 16 weeks, I will basically have no life :/

Boston: Day 4 (08/17)

And we are finally on my last day in Boston ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I refuse to leave Boston without eating some lobster! I was on a mission to get a lobster roll!

On my way to the Lobstah roll, we drove by Tufts University. I thought it was a cute campus on a hill. It amazes me how close all of these campuses are in the Boston area. And Tufts always reminds me of the H-bomb:

We read on Boston Thrillist that the best one to get was at Yankee Lobster Co. That was perfect since it’s right next door to Harpoon- where we were doing a brewery tour!

I was really happy with my lobster roll. It was the perfect meal before the brewery tour. I will admit, since I never had one, I thought it would be more mayo and it would be smaller (just based on pics I’ve seen) I was happy this came with fries. I’m not too crazy about coleslaw.


Harpoon is a company I never heard of until I went to Boston. After talking to many people I was surprise to hear not anyone recommended the Sam Adams tour, but Harpoon instead.

The tour was $5, no advance tickets, they are given out day of, first come first serve. We did go here before we went to get our lobster rolls, so it was good timing.


Waiting for our tour!

The tour lasted about an hour, with a 20 min tasting in between. I learned a lot about Harpoon- they just started giving tours last year, don’t do much advertising, and got the first brewery license in Massachusetts!


During out tasting! Like our glasses? Had to wear then since we were in an industrial place.

See that wall behind us? It had so many random, old beer cans. My dad loves Heineken (and so do many Asian dads) so of course I found one for him.


Another thing Harpoon is known for is their pretzels. They fried it in their beer and many people rave about their cinnamon sugar one so I got one. It was amazing. It came with two dipping sauces- peanut butter and maple. I was a big fan of the maple.



Afterwards, we walked around the harbor for a bit-it’s strange for me to smell the salt in the air-you don’t get that in the Midwest! And before I knew it, we had to part ways and then I was back on the T and heading to the airport. Even though I had a late flight (8:50) I wanted to get there by 6ish, and the T was PACKED with people. Unlike when I arrived in Boston-I was pretty much the only one on it.

Overall, Boston was a great trip. I had so much fun and it was great seeing my friends. I definitely will come back since I know there is more to do and I didn’t get to do it! I always said Boston was a town I would live in if I couldn’t be in Chicago, even though I never visited it, but this trip confirmed it for me that I do love it.

Besides, when I was at the mall at the Prudential Tower, I saw this at the Microsoft Store:


I didn’t get to go to Fenway Park or the JFK Library. Oh well, guess I really do have to get back to Boston!

Boston: Day 3 (08/16)

So on my 3rd day in Boston, I did some more tourist things. A duck tour with Cici!


These tours are so cool since they go both on land and water. It went through some of the stuff I saw on the freedom trail but I also learned a lot more about Boston. It was a great way to start off the morning.

Afterwards we were hungry and decided to grab some brunch at Scollay Square. Since I’m on the east coast, I decided to get some lobster Mac and cheese.


Afterwards, me and Cici decided to do more things in the city. Something I feel a lot of asian people do (or at least my parents always ask about each city) is go to Chinatown.


We decided to get some sweets- we got some egg tarts (no pics since they got mashed together during transportation) at Great Taste Bakery Restaurant. We then stopped at tea-do to get some bubble tea. I’m always a fan of milk tea, and I got the green tea coconut flavor.


Afterwards we headed over to the shopping area and went to the Prudential Tower where there is a huge mall in it!

It’s strange that in the East Coast- land is very rare- you either have to build up or down, you can’t go horizontal. This mall reminds me of Water Tower Mall in Chicago.

Afterwards we headed back to Newbury to explore more it.

It was there I found the Pure Barre Boston!


Yeah, I didn’t lift, tone, or burn that weekend lol

And then I did another stop at Georgetown Cupcakes- gotta go as many times as I can!


This time, I got the cookies and cream (left) and salted Carmel (right)

We then met up with Mitch for dinner and were in the mood for asian. We went to a new place on Newbury called Beantown Pho and Grill.

I was kinda crashing so I got some Vietnamese Iced Coffee.


And I decided to get the Crispy Chicken Basil.


Mitch really wanted the mango mouse cake but they ran out so we headed to Pinkberry and then back to his place just for some chill time.