Ditka Dash Recap

So on Sat, 9/27, me and my sister did DA DITKA DASH!

For those of you that don’t really speak football, Ditka is pretty much a legend in chicago. He was the coach for the bears when they won the super bowl, and he was also a player before when they won. Pretty cool that he can say he won the superbowl from both sides of the field.
This race first came to chicago last year, and i really wanted to do it, but i couldn’t. For some odd reason, the race last year took place in Nov, right after thanksgiving on that saturday, and since i work in retail, that was not possible. it also sold out pretty quickly last year too, so i was trying to get into the race by volunteering for a packet pick up shift but once again, didn’t work out with my schedule since i was working a crazy shift on black friday.
When i saw this year it was coming in sept, i knew i had to do! So, me and my sister signed up for it!
Packet Pick Up:
kinda sucked-you had to go to solider field to get your stuff, and even once you arrive there by bus, you had to walk pretty far away to get it. I will say though, it was a breeze to get my stuff. i had no lines to worry about!
2014-09-26 15.43.19 2014-09-26 15.43.23 2014-09-26 15.50.01 2014-09-26 15.50.21
2014-09-26 22.33.59
yup- aviators and mustaches included! not a fan of cotton shirt, but these are shirts i’m more likely to rewear so it’s good it’s not tech? (well at least the navy one i can wear for game day!)
Race Day:
this is where things went downhill quickly. me and my sister weren’t having the greatest day, and we both didn’t sleep very well either the night before. she wasn’t feeling well on the car ride there, so we missed our 8 am wave (there was also a 9am and a 10am) but then, when we hopped on the el, the blue line was taking forever due to construction so that delay us again. and THEN we BARELY miss the 9am wave. we were 2 ft away when they shut the gate on us and told us we are now a part of the 10am.
i completely forgot that this is a fun run-it’s not timed at all, and stuff like this happens a lot.
On the course, there was only 1 water station. i guess i’m a snob, but i like it when there is 2 water stations (is that the norm? or have i been spoiled?)
the end of the race, there was basically a huge tailgate party and tons of fun photo ops.
at the end of the day, me and my sister were exhausted.
2014-09-27 10.38.20
overall, the race was just OK for me. I didn’t love it, nor do i hate it. Would i do it again? probably not. when it comes to fun runs, i feel like i just need to do it once, maybe twice and that’s it. i kinda get over them quickly, and i feel just one time is enough. i just do it again if some friends are wanting to do it, and they just want someone else to come along also.
this race did make me want to do more of the races that go along with chicago sport teams. a few weeks ago, there was a super bear bowl shuffle 5k, but i couldn’t do it since it was on a thursday. i know theres a race for wrigley for the cubs in april, my sister did that, so i might try to do that one also. i couldn’t do it with her this past year since it was on the day i did my long run for my Nike half (13 miles) and i had the hustle up the hancock stair climb the next day. there’s probably one for the sox, but i don’t care for them.
at the moment, i don’t think there is one for the hawks or the bulls, probably because they mainly play when it’s cold outside? that’s my guess, but i don’t know for sure. but if they had one, i would do it! gotta support my chicago teams!
the only other team i really care about is my illini, even though we haven’t been the best team in recent years, it’s my alma mater, which is why i always do the btn big 10k one. there was an i run 8k challenge that the alumni group did the past 2 years, but they didn’t do it this year 😦 and of course, i want to go back to campus and run that half marathon some day, but it’s such a popular race weekend that it keeps getting pushed back.
oh well, me and my sister had fun! we mustache you a question…
2014-09-29 08.34.32
2014-09-30 00.17.35
2014-09-30 00.17.25

Weekly recap

Sunday, 9/21

Monday, 9/22

Tuesday, 9/23

Wednesday, 9/24

Thursday, 9/25

Friday, 9/26

Saturday, 9/27
-3.1 miles: Ditka dash 5k!


Full race recap later this week!

As I mentioned last week, this week was pretty intense. This week will also be rough but not as bad? I just have a short clinical on Wednesday and an all day SIM lab on Friday.

I also just found out recently that a corepower yoga is opening by me! It opens on 10/12 and they had a pre opening special- 2 months for $69! So I bought it- I’ve never taken a yoga class regularly so I’m excited to see how this goes. I really want to build up to take the classes where they use weight!

Weekly recap

omg i finally did something!

Sunday, 09/14

Monday, 09/15

Tuesday, 09/16

Wednesday, 09/17

Thursday, 09/18
2 miles. I know, how lame is that!? but it happened!


Friday, 09/19

Saturday, 09/20

I’m in a middle of a rough week. I had to work super early on thurs and run to class, then Friday I had clinical all day and the same for Saturday.

And it’s not slowing down anytime soon. I worked a funky shift in Sunday- 4am-1pm. I worked all day today (Monday) have class all day tomorrow (Tuesday) and all day clinical on Wednesday, an exam on Thursday, and work all day Friday.

Gah is it Saturday yet?!

Weekly recap

And yet another weak week

Sunday, 9/7

-my bday! so yeah nothing happened

Monday, 9/8


Tuesday, 9/9


Wednesday, 9/10


Thursday, 9/11


Friday, 9/12


Saturday, 9/13


I was FINALLY able to get an ID so yay! but this week was also my first exam and I didn’t do as well as I wanted, but I think by now, I have a flow and a better idea what I need to do. Also, I got noticed last minute about clinical hours so I did that, so Tuesday was a long day of just school.

I think this is the week I start working out again. The weather has also been funky, but good cool weather for running outside!

Macklind mile- recap

This recap is waaaay overdue! Sorry!

But all of this talk of me doing another race with my BFF Lauren made me think of the last race we did together which was the Macklind Mile! I did this race back on 6/28/14


I was visiting Lauren in STL this weekend where she invited me to do this race also and I said why not?! A mile and a good price of $20? Sign me up!

I did the race also with Lauren’s boyfriend and a co worker of hers. We woke up early and walked over to the race! Lauren was nice enough to do my packet pick up also, so I can’t comment on how that went.


Me and Lauren before the race!

This race was ok, not bad since it’s a mile and I didn’t really run at all this summer.


Overall this was a great race. I had a problem when I register since I signed up for the wrong wave and they were able to change it without a problem for me! And for $20 and to run in a different city, how can you turn it down?


What really cracks me up is they gave away these stickers, I have it on my bulletin board 🙂


Seawheeze- hotel booked!

You know, with the way I’ve been talking about this race you would think it’s happening next month when in reality I have basically a year to worry about it!

But after day 1, one hotel is already sold out and by the time I was able to look and call the others, three more hotels were booked! I couldn’t believe so I jumped on it last night and booked one.

Me and Lauren really wanted the cheapest one which was a Holiday Inn, but it wasn’t worth it. We would have a room at the special rate for one night, and the rest of the night we had to stay in a different room at a non special rate. I was like forget it. So I just went down the list- what was the next cheapest-ish available and the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre and that was easy and we get 2 beds! Sounds great to me! And on trip advisor people seem to be good with them, and it’s a 15 minute walk to the Convention Center where many events are happening, and a 30 minute walk from Stanley Park where the festival/concert is happening! And not too far away from The Canada Line (their public transportation) which also goes to the airport.

But what is not making me happy about it is it does seem their system has something like DC- it depends on the zone you go which depends on your fare- gosh make it easy like Chicago and Boston- one rate for everywhere!

Oh well, I have time to figure that out.

RIP: Run Nike Women’s Series- DC


So I just learned that the Nike Race in DC that I did as my first half marathon is not going back to DC! This shocks me since last year was only their 2nd year! Obviously it was successful, hence why they had another one. But it looks like it’s moving, and the Tiffany lover in me REALLY hoping it comes somewhere really close (like CHICAGO!) but at this point anywhere is closer than their other location, which is San Francisco.

So does this mean my DC stuff is now vintage? My Tiffany’s necklace is like worth a lot now?! Lol Jkjk

And dang I should of bought that yellow neon tank top and those lunar racer shoes! Gah!

I can’t wait to hear what is going on. Right now they are concentrating on the SF race since that’s happening next month. I’m sure once that race happens, more info will come out!