More random thoughts on Run Nike Women’s Series

Me, like the rest of the world, just is waiting on Nike to release ANYTHING at this point. I’m still holding on to hope that they will post something this week, just because last year, it was around this time when they did for the DC in April.

So, I decided to do more research. I looked to see what the Run Nike Women Series facebook page likes. That didn’t give me much info, but the brands that they use in their races, such a LUNA bars.

So, I looked into twitter. They follow:

-Nike NYC
-Nike LA
-Nike Chicago
-Nike Toronto

And for Nike Women twitter page, they follow:

-NTC Lincoln Park (which is on Michigan Ave now)
-Nike Georgetown (for the DC race which no longer happens)
-Nike LA

And for Nike Running twitter page, they follow:

-Nike Chicago
-Nike NYC

Hm. So yeah, and I saw this article not too long ago either, about Nike carving out a space in Macy’s just for their women apparel only, which they have only done in Cali and NY (exactly where in those states, that I’m not too sure, but I would assume a big city.) And, they won’t stop at just Chicago, but also out to the ‘burbs, where I live, and at a mall that I go to pretty much for everything-> Oakbrook! It should be opening soon, which would explain why every time I go there, there’s so much construction happening within the store!

So from these clues, it looks like Chicago is good, but that could be just because of the Chicago Marathon. NYC is where people were thinking due to that instagram post, and Toronto since it was a city that was listed on that all new Nike Women only event, but is no longer on the website.

GAH. But I like all of these cities. But, I’m still hoping for Boston also, since I love that town and it’s an East Coast one (if they are still doing an east coast one, or even if they are doing another one in the states alone!)

Oh well, time will tell. I have a feeling we won’t know for awhile now since they keep saying the coming MONTHS. GAH.

Oh well, at least I have my Lululemon half to worry about in August! But it would be nice to know SOMETHING, I got races I’m trying to figure out!

Weekly recap/random thoughts

So yeah, nothing again

October hasn’t been my month! Right after my weekly recap post last Monday, I got sick. I could just feel it. And as of today, I’m still sick! I think I have a head cold/ sinus infection.

And I’m sure my trip to homecoming didn’t help, but regardless I’m glad I went bc we won! We haven’t won against a big ten team in so long!


What I have to look forward to this week is it is my SkyRise climb! This will be my 3rd Chicago stair climb so I’m pretty excited to cross another high rise off my list. I’m not too sure how this will go since I haven’t been exercising really, but I should be ok.

Also my fitbit broke 😦 gah idk what happened but I’ve been emailing them so we shall see what happens.

You also read my research about the nike womens race. I think maybe this week they will announce something since it was right by Halloween when they announced DC and I was registered for the lottery and got in like a week after thanksgiving.

Oh my goodness, it’s almost November already?!

Big Ten Football Game Travels

So, as I have mention before, I have extreme wanderlust. I love any excuse to go away for the weekend, or to explore another city or another part of this world that I haven’t been too.

Something that I made was a challenge for myself is to see an Illinois Football game at every Big Ten Stadium. For awhile, I was sure I would be able to do it, but since they keep adding people, I’m not too sure anymore. lol

The idea came to me once my friends started to live in other areas that the Illini play against sometime and soon after I graduated and was more able to go to other places to see the game.

Anyways, the games that I have been to are:

10/06/12 Illinois @ Wisconsin

Yes, Wisconsin won

2012-10-06 14.35.29 2012-10-06 15.57.43

10/13/12 Illinois @ Michigan

Yes, Michigan won. Muck Fichigan



2012-10-13 17.49.26


11/24/12 Illinois @ Northwestern

Yes, Northwestern won. Ugh




2012-11-24 12.01.17 2012-11-24 13.40.35

Man, I was on a roll in 2012. They just happened to play at places I knew people and would want to go to the game w/me. Of course, Northwestern is pretty easy for me to go to since it’s not that far away from me at all.

Another game that they don’t do anymore is the Braggin’ Rights game against Mizzou. Luckily, I went to the last one in ’10. They still do this for basketball, and I really want to go to it, but it’s always around the holidays and until I get out of retail, I can’t make it.


But of course, I have seen my Illini play at home. From ’08-’10, I always had student tickets (just student vouchers in ’08, since I transferred and the Block I, the cheering section, was sold out. I had Block I in ’09-’10) And now, I’ve also seen them as an alumni too.


Throwback Thursday: Homecoming

October always reminds me of Homecoming, from the college and high school point of view. And the good old cheerleading and dance team days.

When I was in high school, I actually had a pretty amusing argument with my mom. Both of my parents aren’t from here, and therefore some of the things they think aren’t always true (or are somewhat true, but wrong at the same time)

You’ll get what I mean in a second.

When I was a freshman in high school, that was when I was introduced to the whole idea of Homecoming Dances. I didn’t go, but I learned about them. I remember one day I was shopping with my mom, and we past by a section of dresses, the convo went a little bit like this:

Me: Hey mom, those dresses look pretty.

Mom: Yes, they are. What are they for?

Me: Oh, it’s Homecoming dance season.

Mom: But you can’t go to them.

Me: Um, yes I can. I just decided not to. Why can’t I go?

Mom: Because, you’re not an alumni yet. You just started high school, you haven’t graduated yet!

Me: What? What are you talking about? Yes I can, they sell tickets at lunch, and people buy them, and you don’t have to have a date, people go stag (single) also!

Mom: NO! Homecoming is for alumni people. They come back to the school. How can you do that if you haven’t graduated yet!?!

Me: Mom, I think you’re wrong…

This gave me a chuckle, for she was thinking about the college way rather than the high school way. Regardless, I was able to go to future Homecoming dances in the future, here are the pics to prove it!


Homecoming ’03


Homecoming ’04

Homecoming ’05

It’s crazy to think how fashion has changed. I remember Jessica McClintock dresses were THE DRESS to get. It was always long dresses and I cry when I see what some girls wear now. Wow that made me sound old lol

Even my cheer and dance uniforms are out of date. Sequin galore and not belly button showing?! Lol

Nike Womens Research Update

So, by now you’ve probably seen this picture. It was posted on the Nike Women’s instagram (which isn’t the Run Nike’s Women Series, they don’t have an instagram, just facebook and twitter. This is more so for women’s apparel.)

Screenshot 2014-10-22 19.26.43

This picture brought people into a frenzy. It’s been posted on the Run Nike Women Series’ facbeook. Nike had replied and said:

Screenshot 2014-10-22 19.32.00

Me, along with many other people who want to know where they will go next, have been stalking the Run Nike Women Series’ facebook page like no other.

Today, someone posted this website:

This looks like what things are going to be like. If you view the website on a mobile phone, you don’t get much information. Go on your laptop and you see this:

Screenshot 2014-10-22 19.27.47

If this is true, they are right-they are bringing the race to more people. Am I sad that they would then only have one in the 50 states? Of course, but it is what it is.

Make me wonder though, what about Team in Training? And the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society? And what about those Tiffany necklaces!?!

Oh well, only time will tell. I’m also interested in these other distances they are offering. I would consider going to Toronto though-since I’m already heading to Vancouver, Toronto is so much closer!

Homecoming Week


So, it’s that time of year again-it’s Homecoming Week!

I think this week, I’ll do a Homecoming/Football/Big Ten theme in my posts. We shall see how this goes.

I graduated from UofI in ’11 (yeah, I did a victory lap since I came in as a transfer student and they didn’t take all of my credits) it’s crazy to think how much time flies (or doesn’t fly at the same time)

I finally experience Homecoming as an alumni last year for the first time. It was a lot of fun, due to a lot of factors. I found a great group of friends who are also Illini people and love to have a good time and were so welcoming enough to invite me to join in on the fun.


Last year, I spent the whole weekend in Champaign. It was also really special since my BFF Taylor is an MSU alum and we played against them (and I’m sure you can guess who won that game, not Illinois)

<a href="”>IMG_7879.JPG

This year, even though the plans are still somewhat being panned out, we are probably only doing a day trip due to poor planning on our part. But regardless, I’m excited! I didn’t think I could go, and found out last minute that I could!


The view from the horseshoe. The student section always cracks me up

Homecoming always makes me miss undergrad a bit. The location of almost everything I ever wanted within a walking distance, my friends all so close to me, cheap bars and drinks all around. But it also makes me feel old since so much as changed on campus already. So many things I use to go to all the time are gone already.


weekly recap/random thoughts

so yeah, another weak week.

I’m not going to even bother putting the days and dates, bc I did nothing. I tried, because the corepower yoga location just opened up, but I wasn’t able to make it out there at all.

this was a rather tough week for me, personally and school wise, and it’s not something I want to post about, but just know that things are kinda rough at the moment.

but if anything, i’m excited that the Nike SF race ended, but that means they will soon announce the date for the next race and location! lol I have a theory-but I’m sure it’s something many people have thought of.

I don’t know how Nike pick SF, but since they made the race to honor Joan Benoit Samuelson’s 20th anniversary of her gold medal in the 1984 Olympics in LA (therefore, I think it would of been LA? idk) and that was the first year that women were allowed to run! The first Nike series event was in 2004, and I think they pick SF because it’s close to LA? And I’m not too sure how they decided on DC in 2013, but I think the location has to be a relative big city, and has a Nike presence. I have noticed that both locations have both a Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club (since they do have some events leading up to the race) from this list of their locations:

So, base on that list, and the locations that have both the Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club, I think the next location of the race may be:

-CHICAGO!!!! (of course, I’m bias, I would love for it to be here and close to me! And be able to attend a pre-race event!) but people have said they don’t think it’s this location, because Nike has a HUGE presence in the Chicago Marathon

-LA (which wouldn’t be a good idea, since they have the SF one)

-NYC (an east coast location)

-Palo Alto, CA (not a good idea, somewhat close to SF)

-Westport, CT (I’ve never heard of this town, but it’s on the east coast)

But just base on this list, I wouldn’t be surprise if it happens in Boston (but maybe not since it would be too close after the Boston Marathon) or Dallas, I”m surprise that these big cities don’t have both of the Nike things, but whatevs.

I don’t know, just my random thoughts on this. Nike can surprise us, I was surprise when they decided to not have the full marathon anymore for SF, but I understand their reasoning. Also, the necklace this year at SF was different, but I had a feeling it would incorporate the background design, since that’s what they did for DC. And, we have noticed they are trying to steer away from the Tiffany Blue color items, and more the Purple for their charity-Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (and yes, I’ve tried looking at that website to see where the next race/location might be-no such luck)

If anything, I just wish Nike would have a legit real website. The facebook page is great at all for participant to talk and voice questions and feedback (and boy do people do!) and interactive with their fans on social media, but a real website that has real info so that the same questions don’t get asked like a billion times would be GREAT!

I do think the race will stay on the east coast, I just don’t know when or where. If it’s NYC or Boston, I’m really happy because I have besties that live there, so I have a place to stay! (unless they move for some random reason) So I would have to do it! And I have a student status for like ever, gotta take advantage of that!

Sorry that this was rather random, just a thought and I don’t have much knowledge on how races are planned and whatnot, but this is just what I think of it.