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This week was another uneventful week. I worked a ton this week since it’s the busiest time for retail. Saturday was my first day off, and I was called in to work twice, but I had to say no, since I was so tired of back to back, insane shifts. I guess this is what I get also for working 2 jobs!


My yoga challenge ended also, and I’m sad to say I didn’t complete it. I’m such a goal person, so this really made me mad, and I was beating myself over it. But, I have to acknowledge that I did pretty well for finding out the challenge a little late in the game and expanding on my practice of yoga!

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The stress of the holidays is already getting to me thanks to working in retail. I’ve been working odd hours to get ready for (insert whatever color we ever decided for opening on on) Thanksgiving Day I’m already see how difficult it is to stay motivated around the Holidays, it’s pretty difficult! And to do this with school and juggling between 2 jobs. I’m ready to be a real adult aka when I just have one job and not worrying about school lol
Sorry for the late post, but for some odd reason, my wordpress app on my iphone keeps crashing, and i do my blogging on the train on my way to the city for on Mondays, and i get so paranoid posting through my work computer since i share the computer w/another person since i’m part time gahh lol

Races 2015/wish list

Since I just completed my last race for 2014 (unless somehow my friends convince me to do a Santa Hustle/Ugly Christmas Sweater Run, but I’ve said no since idk how the weather will be!) I already have started thinking about what I can do for 2015!

In 2014, I did 10 races. Although that is the same amount that I did in 2013, the big difference is in the distances. In 2013, the longest distance was a 10k, and the tallest stair climb was the AON Center (80 stories). In 2014, my longest distance was a half marathon, and the tallest stair climb is the Sears Tower (103 stories).

And to think, in 2012-when this fitness journey started, I only did 3 races-a 5k and the AON Center stair climb were my big distances!

So, what do I have plan/hope I can do in 2015?

Sunday, 01/25/15-AON Center: Step Up for Kids Stair Climb 

This is the race that started it all for me, and one of the few that I repeat since I do it through work, therefore I don’t have to pay for it. This will be my 4th time doing it!

Sunday, 02/08/25 –Oakbrook Tower: Fight for Air Climb

This is another race that I repeat, because I can do it through work also. This would be my 3rd time doing it.

Saturday, 02/21/15- Mardi Gras Chaser 5k/10k

This is a race my friend who I said I would do the Chicago Marathon with wants to do to build up his running distances, and I said I would join him! I’m calling his training plan “The Slupa Marathon Plan” (there will be more on this in a future post)

Sunday, 03/08/15- Presidential Towers: Fight for Air Climb

This is the last stair climb I need to do in so that I can say I did all of the ones in Chicago! Just sucks that it always falls when Daylight Savings ENDS. Ugh.

Sunday, 03/29/15- Shamrock Shuffle

This is a big Chicago race that I haven’t done, and it’s an 8k, so another distance for me to check off my list! It kinda marks the beginning of road racing again and gets people pumped for the Chicago Marathon, since it’s hosted by the same people and by then most people either know they got in the lottery/charity route or will know very soon.

**this is a race I’m not too sure if I can do it or not, it often falls when it’s my spring break is starting, and I like to use that time to travel to visit a friend (like last year, I went to STL to see Lauren! so, we shall see.

Sunday, 04/12/15- Race to Wrigley 5k

My sister did this race last year, and I wish I was able to! It kicks off baseball season for my cubbies (maybe this will be our year!?)

**this is another race I’m not 100% positive that I can do yet either, depends on life at that time**

Sunday, 04/25/15- Illinois Marathon 

A race at my Alma Mater! The funny thing is, I was on campus when they had the first race, and I remember thinking “Who would do this?! This is crazy!” And yet, here I am, future self, is trying to plan when I can get there and do it. Me and Lauren were suppose to do this last year, but then we got into the Nike Women’s Half in DC, and who can say no to Tiffany’s?! They have challenges you can do, like a either a 5k/10k one night, and a half/full marathon the next day. I would do a challenge for sure!

**another race I’m probably not going to be able to do it, but, you never know. all depends on life.

Sat/Sun, 05/09&10/15- Tough Mudder

Of course I would love to do an obstacle race! I had the opportunity to do it with friends back in 2013, but the problem with this race is it tends to fall during finals week

**oh school, why do you get the in way!?

Sunday, 05/17/15- Chicago Spring Half Marathon

Another race that is on “The Slupa Marathon Plan”! What really draws me about this race is it is a part of the Chicago Half Marathon Series that they just launched this past summer. There is a challenge (and you guys know I LOVE a good challenge!) to either complete 2 of the halfs, or all 3!

Saturday, 05/23/15- Solider Field 10 Miler 

This is another popular race in Chicago, you get to finish on 50 yard line where the Chicago Bears play! Yeah!

**this is another maybe race, it always falls on Memorial Weekend, and once again, depends on life.

Saturday, 05/30/15- Mudderella 

I gotta do a mud run one day! But I can’t do this one this year, I have a wedding on this day in STL! I know me and Lauren talked about doing this, so maybe if there is one in STL, I could do that one!

**this is what sucks about the summer, although it’s good running time, it’s also a good time to get married lol

Sat/Sun, 06/13&14/15- Warrior Dash 

Another obstacle course to do! Because why not!?

**summer is just always busy, so not too sure if I can do it or not.

Thursday, 07/02/15- Chicago 13.1 Marathon 

Another race that is a part of the Chicago Half Marathon Series. Since I’m doing one already, I would like to complete either the 2/3 or 3/3 races challenge, so that’s why this race is on here.

**once again, not too sure if this is possible. ugh life.

Sunday, 07/19/15- Rock n Roll Chicago

Another very popular race in Chicago, this was a half marathon that appealed to me, I mean how can you say no to having a band at every mile to motivate you!?

**once again, not too sure if this is possible.

Thursday, 07/23/15- Esprit de She 5k/10k 

This race I want to do since they also have a triathlon that I want to do one day, and I would like to do this race to see how they operate things. I’ve read good things about it, it’s a very women focused race, so that’s always a plus, you know your shirt is going to fit ya! My sister has also expressed wanting to do this race, so maybe I’ll join her.

**once again, not too sure if I can for sure do it

Saturday, 08/15/15- SeaWheeze Half Marathon

This is the Lululemon race I’m doing with Lauren in Vancouver! I’m really excited for this racation, and to go to another place I’ve never been to. Also, I haven’t visited the site in a very long time (since I registered in September!) and I just noticed this, what does this mean!? Another race added to the weekend? More special merchandise? Band announcement soon? AHHH!

This race is going to be awesome, not only is there the running, but yoga all weekend, and a concert at the end! How awesome does that sound!?

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.42.07 AM

Sunday, 09/27/15- Chicago Half Marathon 

And the last race of the Chicago Half Series, and like I mentioned above, since I’m doing one, gotta look into seeing if I can do another in order to do the challenge.

**also, depends on life at that time.

Sunday, 10/11/15- Chicago Marathon 

The last race of “The Slupa Marathon Plan”! Or maybe the day that makes me hate running. Who knows, let’s hope I get in via lottery, or else I gotta find a charity!

Other races that I want to do, but don’t have a date yet, so I’m basing it on the month they had it this past year.

09/2015- Super Bears Shuffle 5k

I want to do more races that involve Chicago sports after I did the Ditka Dash. I wanted to do it this past year, but I had class. Come on Chicago, have something for the Bulls and the Hawks!

09/2015- Race Judicata 

Normally, in my office suite, a bunch of people do this race, and a lot of different law firms do it also. This year, only a few did it in my office, and I wanted to do it, but I had class (it was the same day as the Super Bear Shuffle one)

07/2015- BTN Big 10k 

I will always do this race! I can never have too much orange and blue! They never announce the date until after New Years, but it tends to fall at the end of Big Ten Football Media Days, which is always in July, unless they change football season to another time, I imagine this race will still be in July.

08/2015- ZOOMA Chicago 

I first heard about this race in DC, and when I heard this come to Chicago also, and wine is at the end, I knew I had to do it one day!

08 or 09/2015- Magnificent Mile Chicago Women’s Half 

I’ve seen this race before, and it really intrigues me now since it goes down Michigan Ave! It tends to happen on Labor Day weekend, which is always pretty close to my bday, so yeah, not too sure if I want to do it on my bday

ANY MONTH of 2015: Run Nike Womens: SF/ unknown new city 

Yes, I’m still stalking on their facebook page. At this rate, I just know it has to be Toronto since it was on the website and then it was taken off, it’s just a matter of when!? It can’t be April anymore, so I’m guessing either May, June or July, before they start training/focusing for SF if that is still happened in October (random draw and results happen in June, and training happen in July). I’ve decided if it’s in Toronto, I’ll probably do it w/my friend Jane, who is also a student now in Ann Arbor, which isn’t too far from Toronto.

Run Disney: Princess Half and Tinkerbell Half

Like every other girl in the world, this is a race I want to do! It was another race that got me interested in the possibility of running a longer distance. I would like to do both races in the same year so I can get the Coast to Coast Medal. I know the Princess is always in February in DisneyWorld, Tinkerbell is in DisneyLand, but the dates have changed. the first one in 2012, it was in January and this year, it’s in May instead.

So yes, a lot of races, and only a few are confirmed, since that’s life and that’s what happens. I’m excited for the events I know I’m doing for sure, and for the ones that are just possibilities, I’m excited to see if I get to do them or not!

Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Recap

So its official: I’m a 15k finisher! Woot woot! I’ve knocked out another distance on my list to conquer running race wise, (now just need to do an 8k and a full marathon! and a tri!)


Will run for chocolate- both the edible and non-edible kind 🙂

I can’t believe it either! I knew this race would be tough for me since I haven’t really ran since who knows how long, but I did it! Of course, I’m in pain, and it could of gone better, but I’m just happy that I finished!

Packet Pick Up/Expo:

The only complaint I ever have is the location of this-but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it is kinda of out there. And the cold definitely didn’t help either.

Anyways, it went smooth! I always forget how hi-tech this is: you get a QR code and you can add it to your passbook (if you have an iphone) and they scan it!


Fancy huh?

You get your bib and they ask you “Is this your first race in your distance?” because you get a special extra bib (which I didn’t wear but I saw some people did) and then you get your goodie bag, and I alway try on my stuff (in this case, a sweatshirt) to make sure it’s good since there’s an exchange area!


Seriously, no lines!


The expo was awesome-I don’t remember if it was this big last year, but it felt a lot bigger! There was so much to do and see! There was even food for you to buy, a great area for kids, a live DJ, hot chocolate! (much appreciated since it was pretty cold!)



I was checking out other Nuun flavors where I got to talking to an employee and he asked if I ever had it before and I said yes-at the Nike Women’s Half in DC, and of course we started talking about where this new location and date will be! He also thinks it’s going to be Toronto! Since we were on the topic of Canada, I told him I will be in Vancouver for the Lululemon Half, and just like everyone else I’ve told, had nothing but great things to say about the area, so I’m excited! Just makes me sad the race is so darn far away!

Race Day:

Oh boy, this is where things went downhill quickly.

I was getting pretty nervous about the race, I started to think about so many things: Should I kinda carbo load? What to eat for breakfast? Should I get fuel? A 15k is a pretty long distance!

So, I decided to get Noodles & Co. for dinner, and did a trip to Jewel to get bagels and cream cheese, and I was looking for Cliff Bars/GU Shots, but I didn’t see them, so the Gatorade version is what I got instead. I also got a headband to wear for my ears from lulu. Then I headed into the city to spend the night at my friends.

I got no sleep since I was at my friends and was trying to figure out how to update my playlist, and there is something wrong with my iphone charger. I should of taken that as the first sign.

I woke up late! I was rushing and I started to get so mad at myself for having to do gear check (I didn’t do it last year) but I knew I would be cold after the race, and gear check is all the way the opposite end of the start line.

I was getting nervous-I had to jump a fence and join the I corral (I was assigned to H) then my nerves kinda calmed down.

Although I go to Chicago a lot, I haven’t been in the Loop area as much as I have been recently due to my job, so I was really cool for once to be able to run and actually know where I am and where I’m going.

During the race, for the first 2.8 miles, you run the same course as the 5k people, (so somewhat crowded) then it splits off. I seriously considered ending at 5k, but I decided to keep going. And I’m glad I did! There was less people, but it was tough. There was definitely less people cheering, but luckily in areas where you turn around, a lot of the runners were cheering each other on, handing out high-fives, so that helped!

Another thing that is new this year is along with water stations, they had treat stations! Right before the water stations, they would either give out chocolate (of course!), tootsie rolls, mashmellows, etc. That was a nice surprise!

The last 1.3 miles felt like it took FOREVER! I remember I kept running after I saw the mile 8 sign, and I never seem to get closer to the finish line.

As soon as I crossed, I posted that I finished on facebook, twitter and my Nike+ app, and my phone just DIES! I was so mad! I couldn’t believe it-during my Nike Women’s Half in DC, it didn’t die on me at all-I had 20-30% left once I was done! And I knew so many people who did this race, I wanted to find them and I couldn’t! GAH!


What makes me more confused is as you can tell from the screen shot- I had like 30% left on my phone and I doubt posting to Facebook and twitter takes up that much battery life…

I went and grabbed my medal, my gear check, my chocolate, and I started to walk slowly to train to head back to my friend’s place. Once I was able to charge my phone, I saw all of the text messages I missed  to meet people 😦

So, besides not much training, and my phone dying at the worst possible moment, the race went well!

This race keeps getting bigger and bigger each year, and they keep upgrading it also (like free pictures, live runner’s tracking) so it makes me wonder what else they will do next year to make it better.

Would I do this race again? I’m not too sure. For me, I’ve done both distances now, so that isn’t something that’s making me want to do it again. The fleece zip up is nice, but I really like my tech zip up from last year more, the hoodie I have from this year I feel I would use more so to lounge in, as for the tech to actually work out in. But, if their announce for the Vegas location is an indication for what will be given next year (it’s jackets/vest) and a medal also for the 5k, then maybe they can lure me in again. Maybe. Depends what else I got going on.

If anything, this race made me learn I really need a portable charger, and some winter gear to run outside!

Weekly Recap

Sunday, 11/09
-Hot Chocolate 15k-recap later this week!


Monday, 11/10

Tuesday, 11/11
-Hot Yoga

Wednesday, 11/12

Thursday, 11/13

Friday, 11/14

Saturday, 11/15
-Yoga! This one was awesome since it counted as 2 classes towards my 20 classes in 27 days challenge!

Sunday, 11/16
-Yoga- and now I’ve done 10/20 classes for the 20 classes in 27 days challenge at my studio!


So yeah, a change in weekly recap-I realize that I should start my weeks on Mondays, since it threw me off a bit when I realize my races were on Sunday, I couldn’t recap them right away since I didn’t mention them on my weekly recap yet! Ah the OCD in me!

I took it easy this week since I was pretty sore and tired from my 15k, and I didn’t properly train for it. I plan on stepping it up this week!

Stair Climb: SkyRise Chicago (Sears Tower Stair Climb)


While many people were either partying or sleeping for that extra hour we gained when we started Daylight Savings, me and some other people were doing something else-climbing the tallest building in Chicago!

Nothing else marks the start of winter (brr) like Daylight Savings and Stair Climb season! Stair Climbs are often put on during the colder months rather than the warmer months of the year.
This is something that was on my bucket list-I’m trying to do all of the stair climbs in Chicago, and they have 4 of them (AON, Hancock, Presidential Towers, and Sears Tower), and as of now, I have now done 3 out of the 4!
Just like the Hancock one I did earlier this year, this is another popular one. It always get sold out, and there is always a waitlist if you want to join. I don’t know how those work, since I always try to make sure I sign up before I put myself in that situation!
Registration was $60, and minimum fundraising is $100 which helped out the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago-which is the #1 rehab hospital in the nation! Pretty cool, and this climb also provides an opportunity for those who can’t climb to do a hand cycle. Also, many other people who might need assistant to climb (such as a cane) were climbing also, which was inspiration to see! Same goes to the firefighters that always do it!


Overall, I did enjoy this race-not many people can say they have climbed all of the stairs of one of the tallest buildings in the USA!


The view from the top!

Pros of this race are:
-Packet pick up-smooth! I was able to go in and out without a problem! I only had to wait because the person in front of me was picking up for a whole team. I couldn’t find the room very easily, but once you asked for help, someone knew where it was and took you there.
There was an option to mail it to me, but I opted not to do it this time since it’s pretty easy for me to get to the Sears Tower, unlike the Hancock (it was $20 if you did the mail option)
-Very helpful staff-I had some issues, and I called and someone was on the phone with me, and the issue was resolved right away!
-There was also things for me to do before the race-there was a photo opportunity, and you got to see the hand cyclists before you went up! Not as much reading material as the Hancock, but I also think they did a great job announcing lining up for the start times-a huge green sign! And the volunteers noticed I was in the wrong line and brought me where I needed to be! The volunteers were so helpful-I had so many questions, and they all knew the answer!
-Coat and gear check were at the same location-nice!
-As you went up the stairs, they had markers to tell you how much you climbed and what you have passed (like the Eiffel Tower, St. Louis Arch, Taj Mahal, Seattle Space Needle, Empire State Building ) I thought these random facts were cool to read!
-On certain floors, they opened the doors so a cool breeze went through the stairways for a bit-much appreciated!
-I love the shirt-they had women’s sizes and it’s not white! (I’m not a fan of white shirts and as a girl, I will always prefer the womens cut over unisex )
-I didn’t use this, but parking was really affordable-$10!
-A pretty sweet medal!
-You get to go on the Skydeck 🙂
Cons of this race are:
-This is personal, but not a fan of these stairs either-I noticed these stairways are much more narrow than other ones I have done. But, nothing they can change-it’s not like they are going to redo the whole building!
-Because of the narrow hallways, I felt there was more congestion on this stair climb than others.
-I felt these stairways, the floors weren’t marked as clearly as other buildings. I often thought I was on a different number just because I was reading the fire/emergency escape ones instead. Oops. But, it was probably also better that I didn’t read it, you just have to keep pushing forward!
-This race was a bit rough for me. I haven’t been working out as much as I wanted too, and on top of that to be sick, this was a bit harder than I imagine on my body. But, that doesn’t matter, I did it!
Overall, a great stair climb! I feel the cons were mainly personal for me, and I would also recommend this to anyone who wants to do one in the city. I will admit, the view from the Hancock is better than the Sears, but you still can’t beat a view from the top! And to get a pic from the skydeck with this sign was awesome: )


I can’t believe I climbed 103 floors/2,109 steps!
Now, my next stair climb is the Presidental Towers, a residential building. Although there are less floors (45 floors/585 steps), the main challenge I’m pushing myself to do is all of the towers! So, I would do 4 towers=180 floors, 2,340 steps! This race always happens when Daylight Savings ENDS, how funny is that? Kinda marks the end of stair climb season and back to road racing.



Packet pick up bag


The medal 🙂

Weekly recap

Oh my goodness, I actually have stuff to report!

Sunday, 11/02
-SkyRise stair climb!


Monday, 11/03
Normally I can’t do anything on Mondays since I go straight from work to an evening class but my class was cancelled! I’m finally using my yoga membership that has been good since 10/12 :/

During this first official class of mine, I learned that my studio is doing a challenge (and you know I love a good challenge!) so I signed up!


Tuesday, 11/04
-3 mile run in my new shoes 🙂
-Hot yoga!
Oh my goodness, I never knew how much I could sweat until today!

Wednesday, 11/05

Thursday, 11/06
-Hot yoga

Friday, 11/07
-Yoga sculpt
-2 mile run
I had no idea how yoga sculpt would go, I really thought it was just regular yoga but with weight, but they add cardio into it and I was exhausted!

Saturday, 11/08
I had every intention to go to yoga again and to run 2 miles, but Friday wore me out!

Wow what a week! And I just need 15 more classes for my yoga challenge!