2014 bling in review

So, sorry for never posting a weekly update but once again got nothing to post, so I hope this makes up for it.

I was looking at the medals I’ve gotten this year, which is the most I’ve gotten too, and decided it would be nice to reflect on them.

Here’s my bling from races in 2014:


I would have to say my fave one is my Tiffany’s one from the Nike Womens half in DC. Another one of my faves is would be the hustle up the Hancock, SkyRise, and the hot chocolate one for they were races I wanted to conquer for awhile and it was a good feeling to do it!

So far, the only race I know for sure I’m doing is the lululemon half in August, gotta wait until syllabus week and put those important dates in the calendar before I can fully commit to more races, but I’m excited to see what else I accomplish in 2015 🙂

weekly recap

another week

and nothing to recap

i seriously feel i lost a lot of motivation. i feel that the stress of school and work gets to me, so when i get home, i seriously don’t want to do ANYTHING!

and it doesn’t help being on break, you want to enjoy break!

but i really need to try this yoga membership for another month!

2015, i will run, bc i have a ton of races to complete!

just at the moment, the inner fatty girl in me is winng 😛

Chicago Eats: Doughnut Vault [Repeat Customer]

So, I love food. I love trying new places to eat, trying new cuisine, and always love brunch/lunch/dinner dates w/friends.

During my college years, I had money to use at the student union and I challenged myself to try everything there-from everything on the Starbucks, McDonalds, Taco Bell and Subway menu. What happened to this iron stomach I had?!

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to best document what I’ve tried, especially places I go back often to try other different flavors, mainly doughnuts/cupcakes/cookies, or places that are my favorite and I try other things on the menu.

Therefore, I present to you: The Repeat Customer Series

Join me as I go back to places to try all the options on the menu (as my bank account and stomach) allows it!

First place: Doughnut Vault

I first tried Doughnut Vault back in July when I was on my way to packet pick up for a race. By the time I came, I didn’t have much choices to pick, and I also don’t remember the flavor I got (but I have a picture!) but it didn’t really struck me. It was just a doughnut.


This place also has a food truck, and I’ve seen it a few times and never got it. Just recently, they just opened one right by the Metra Train Stations, so I decided to give it another shot.


On Monday, I got the Lemon Poppyseed, I thought I would LOVE this flavor since I love Lemon Poppyseed, but I felt the Lemon was too overpowering.


On Wednesday, I got the Toasted Almond. I LOVE this one, so far my favorite.


I will keep going to this place until I try all the flavors 🙂

Holiday spirit in the city

I love the holidays, mainly bc my friends who live far away come home so I get to see them! But the pretty decorations help also, it’s something to look forward to since it’s getting darker earlier each day

There are many holiday happenings in the city and I have been trying to experience as much as I can!

One thing that always happens in Chicago is the Cta has a holiday train. It runs on multiple trains until Christmas

I was able to catch it on Saturday! It said it would be at my station at a certain time but it ran 30 mins late, it was worth it!


Inside the train is also all decked out, but as you can imagine, the train was packed and I couldn’t get a single pic! The train also smelled like cinnamon!

Something that is new this year is there is a holiday bus too! This has been hard for me to catch, and looking at the schedule, I could only catch it twice this month, and I missed it the first time! I made sure I tracked the bus on the bus tracker (it was indicated as a candy came on the map) The bus is called ralphie the reindeer, I think it should be called Rudolph though.

I finally caught it the other day! The bus was so cool- all decked out! I wish my bus ride was a little bit longer for me to enjoy it!


Just thought I would share some of the holiday fun I have been having and why I haven’t been working out :p

CorePower Yoga Review

As many of you know, I have a pass to corepower yoga since it just opened really close to me. This was something i was looking forward to since I know they offer yoga sculpt which often includes weights and cardio-something that really interested me!

At this studio, they offer many other classes, and I pushed myself to attend different ones so I can experience them and see which ones I like and whatnot.

Hot Power Fusion
-heated at 100 degrees, and there are no chaturangas!

-my take
–nice slow pace, which is good bc it is SO HOT! the heat sometimes kills it for me though, it’s definitely not a class I try to take often

Yoga Sculpt
-yoga but with weights AND cardio, and heated room at 90-95 degrees

-my take
–nice change of pace, def waaay more intense than I imagine, I simply thought it was just yoga with weights, but they def add cardio to rise your heart rate! you are doing jumping jacks, squats, basically everything that is hard, bc the room is heated also. I like it but not something I want to take on the regular either.

Core Power 1
-Beginner yoga at 85 degrees

-my take
–my fave so far, hardest move for me is the crow pose

Core Power 2
-Intermediate yoga at 90-95 degrees

-my take
–not bad, a step above me since it involves more poses that challenge me and my balancing (which is good!) but I def don’t know all of the moves yet, so I do feel like a beginner in this class when they say something and I have to look around and see what is going on.

Community C1
-Free weekly class, a C1 class

-my take
–I like it, not much different from the C1 class, just open to the public.

They also offer workshops, but I haven’t been able to attend any of them. They are:

-Yoga 101 (90 mins)

-Chatarunga (90 mins)

Hopefully, I can take these classes soon and let you know what I think!

Although my 2 months pass ended, I decided to give it another month, so far, I like yoga, but I’m not in love w/it. It’s def a good way to wind down from a crazy day, and to stretch out from a run and to give you a new way to see things by thinking about having an intention during class. It has given a new perspective on life in some ways, so that’s good.

Four Survey

Back in day, when Xanga and MySpace was cool, I was OBSESSED with surveys. I thought it was a cool way to learn about other people, and it’s always interesting to see what other people put down as their answer.

Thanks to Briterati for posting this!

Four names that people call me other than my real name:

  1. Phu (which is my last name)
  2. Ye-Huong (It’s a combo of my Chinese name and my Vietnamese name, my cousins call me this)
  3. Di Han (My Chinese name, my parents call me this, I’m in deep shit if they call me this in THAT tone)
  4. “Do you work here?” at my retail job when I’m not wearing a name tag and people just know I there

Four jobs I’ve had:

  1. Sales Associate for a dance store-I fitted people for shoes, that was fun (probably why I hate feet now), and I’m still one in a large retail store
  2. Peer Mentor-like an RA, but I had no powers in writing people up
  3. Shelver (at the Main Library during my Illini days)
  4. Forever a student

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  1. Mean Girls
  2. The Hunger Games
  3. Titanic
  4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Four books I’d recommend:

  1. The Great Gatsby
  2. The Elephant Man
  3. ??
  4. I don’t really get to read for pleasure anymore.. I just checked my Amazon, and it’s like the NCLEX-RN review, Fundamentals of Nursing, and Secrets to the TEAS Exam. Believe me, I miss reading for fun, reading about life and death situations is somewhat stressful.

Four places I’ve lived

  1. Wheaton, IL
  2. Carbondale, IL
  3. Champaign, IL
  4. one day-> Chicago, IL

Four places I’ve visited:

  1. Boston, MA -> LOVE Beantown!
  2. Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  3. Washington D. C.
  4. St. Louis, MO

Four places I’d rather be right now:

  1. On vacation
  2. Somewhere sunny
  3. On an island
  4. Somewhere I can get my tan on

Four things I prefer not to eat:

  1. Peanut Butter-> not a fan
  2. Chocolate ->prefer it over peanut butter, but not a lover of it
  3. Duran-> a stinky Asian fruit-can’t do it
  4. Strange meat to eat (like insects, things that still have eyes when I have to eat it/look like how they were when alive)

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Pizza (from Pequods!)
  2. Italian Beef
  3. Omelette
  4. Coffee-can’t function without it

Four TV shows I watch:

  1. The Big Bang Theory
  2. Scandal
  3. How to Get Away With Murder
  4. Top Chef

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:
(I’m going with next year, 2015, for this one)

  1. Running the Lululemon Half Marathon in Vancouver w/LB!
  2. I’m kinda at a crossroads at the moment with my education, so a clear path will be known soon
  3. Embarking on a running journey w/my BFF Lupa!
  4. I’m just excited to see what next year can bring, especially to see what else I can knock off my bucket list. I like the idea of a clean slate.

Four things I’m always saying:

  1. I need to clean my room
  2. I need to do laundry
  3. Ugh, why am I so poor?
  4. When do I become a real adult? Soon?

weekly recap

so yeah…

I got nothing to report.

Because I’m having too much fun being on Winter Break! Woot! and working a ton! Woot!

If anything, I think this week reminds me that I really need to get back into a routine, which is so hard when you work retail, you don’t have normal hours. I only have 2 normal work days, and that is when I work at the law firm, and even on those days, since I have to commute into the city, I don’t want to wake up early to do it, or do it later at night.

Gah, I feel I’m in a fight with the inner fatty in me. lol