new year, no new announcement, nike?

yeah, I’m slacking hard core and not working out, last week a lot of random school things happened that I need to get done before it starts up again on wednsday! ahh!

but of course, I was on facebook, checking to see if Nike has said anything about the races for 2015 (no) but I feel I always get a little bit more information from the comments to the page.

so, let’s look at the timeline of events so far:

-back in sept ’14, Nike said “No more DC” 

-i got super excited when their SF race ended and speculated about an east coast location

-then there was the NYC rumor due to instagram and the discovery of a new website 

-then me just guessing other possible locations just from their social media presence 

so, back in Oct 22, 2014 someone posted this website to their facebook page:

Nike Women’s Events Series

It looks like they are expanding their races (which I’ve heard they have always done races in other countries, but maybe not widely as known) and trying to make a bigger, collective event.

So, the website always said 20 races around the world and on the first day, 20 cities were listed:


But the next day, right away a city was taken away: Toronto was gone-


And today, someone mentioned on the facebook page that they have dates for some of the events, but some more cities have disappeared again. They changed the format of the website, so I had to make a collage to show all of the cities- (Nagoya and Toronto are gone)

PicMonkey Collage

The collage was made of pics from my phone, and they are 18 cities. But if you view the website on a laptop, there is only 17 (Quito is gone also in addition to Toronto and Nagoya)

I’ve noticed there has been some issues if you view on your phone vs your laptop. When I first heard about the website, I remember I viewed it on my phone but I didn’t see any cities until I viewed it on a laptop.

Nike, I feel is like an ex boyfriend who is giving me mixed messages, why are you taking away cities, but yet at the same time, have given out information on dates for other cities? Also, all of the races they announced are only a 10k. I was able to read some things if there was a translate to English option, but not much info. It will be a big race (10k people, I guess to go w/the 10k theme) and it seems like you get a race pack collection but through your email. I don’t know. I’m guessing w/all of these races, they can’t give out Tiffany’s, and you know, I’m starting to think only San Fran is going to be the half marathon distance.

Oh well, I guess all I can do is wait and see…


3 thoughts on “new year, no new announcement, nike?

  1. Thanks for sharing this! When the rumorville started, I thought they were going to host one in NYC (when they IG the pic of their shoes going from SFO ->JFK). Such a bummer that they keep changing the cities/site, I would have considered Toronto. It does seem like a huge endeavor for its first year.. I would have gone with a smaller rollout of 5 cities. I wonder if its their response to RnR series.

    • No prob! I just wanted to do my own research and put my own thoughts somewhere. I also thought nyc bc of that post (which i wouldnt mind! And i would also consider toronto but as cool as it would be to run in eurppe or asia i cant swing that. You bring up a good pt of this responding back to RnR, it does look like it.

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