Chicago Eats: Firecakes Donut [Repeat Customer]

One day, I was grabbing dinner with my friend in River North, and we past by a bakery. At the time, I was really full from dinner, but I made a note to remember the place-Firecakes.

When I walked by, I noticed they had a sign saying “It’s almost Ice Cream Donut Sandwich Time!” and that intrigue me. At first, I was kind of grossed out, but I was willing to give it a shot.

So one hot day, I walked over there and tried it!


I know in the pic, it looks like a stick of butter. But in reality, it’s a sheet of ice cream they cut. And it was really GOOD! I couldn’t believe it, it’s was so light and fluffy, and perfect. I don’t know how else to describe it, but you need to go and try it for yourself.

Unfortunately, this is a seasonal item, so you have to wait until spring time to get it again. And they don’t serve this at all hours, you have to come around lunch time and then you can get it.

But, they do have pretty good donuts! Another time, I got the Vanilla Iced, and it didn’t disappoint.


So far, I would say Firecakes is one of my fave places.

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