finally, an announcement-ish!


so yesterday, after what felt like an FOREVER, Nike said something! after all of my months of research!

here’s their announcement:

they updated the website! check it out:

and youtube videos that pump you UP!

they updated info on both their new women’s event series, and the NTC tour! But, since the NTC tour is going no where near me (why dissing the midwest!? Chicago is AWESOME!)

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.33.34 PM

I was more concern about the running race events.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 6.10.17 PM

So yay to dates! And all of the cities being back up on the website! But, it would be nice to know about the distances, like i mentioned before, the races are either 5k (they def just added that), 10k, 15k or half marathon.

The main reason i would consider Toronto is i have a friend in Ann Arbor, and would like to do a race (meaning a nike half marathon, w/tiffanys at the end). Since she doesn’t live too far away from Toronto, we talked about the possibility of doing it there, like a girls road trip.

W/the race distance being a 15k now, i’m not too sure anymore. It’s not a new distance to me (since i just did the hot chocolate 15k).  Although it says that each race will have a custom finisher’s necklace, with all of the new changes, we don’t know what to expect, and i don’t want to fork over all of that money and be let down.

Although i’m not too excited about the details that were released today, i’m not surprised either. they did say they want to bring this race to more people, and doing that does mean to have other distances besides a half marathon, and other locations. Nike is an internationally wide known brand, so it also makes sense to bring together all of the races they have always had together, a series of events. it’s quite impressive that they are changing a lot and bringing it to 5 continents in 1 year! I really do think they are trying to complete w/other series like the Rock’n’Roll one.

I guess my main question is-what locations have what distances? And which locations will have a guy in a tuxedo w/my Tiffanys necklace? 😉

And, since they marked certain locations that it would be their first time hosting a race/event, it makes me wonder-will they change the locations every year?

I know the main reason you run a race shouldn’t be about the bling at the end, but let’s be real, that’s how many people heard about the race (that’s how I did) and that’s what a lot of other people do it for-the swag at the end is what they want! And it’s more intriguing since you can’t buy it!

So yeah, Toronto, I’m interested in seeing what are the race details, and keep an open mind, but i’m not too committed to it yet. Toronto is much closer to me than SF, and to think, just a few years ago, there was only 1 option-the SF race!

3 thoughts on “finally, an announcement-ish!

  1. Yeah, I was a little disappointed in the announcement and only one US location, but I understand that they seem to want to grow their international audience. I’d love to run that race for the necklace one day. I didn’t realize they would be different distances and that not all the locations would have a half marathon. That makes the calculation even more difficult.

    • Yes with different distances that does make things more difficult to figure out! And i would really like to know why they stopped DC only after 2 years!

  2. Nike guesses – See Phu _____ .

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