Stair Climb: Step Up for Kids Recap

As I mentioned in my Preview post, I just complete doing the Aon Stair Climb for the 4th time!

This climb is close to my heart because it was the first fitness event I ever did. Over the years though, things have been predictable for me since I’ve done it so many times. The first year I did it (2012), I had a really early wake up call, but because of that, I had access to a ton of food at the end! I mean, I’m talking deep dish pizza and ice cream! Then, they changed my start time the same year the hospital changed their name (2013), so although I appreciate the later time and therefore I can sleep in, I have also noticed there is always a decrease of things available to finishers at the end. I don’t know if it is because it’s later and things run out or there is less sponsors also. Just something I’ve noticed.

Also, the swag is not much. I get the same shirt every year, it’s just a different color, and it’s cotton, not a tech one. There’s no medal either. Although I don’t have to pay, but it is $50 to register, and $100 minimum donation, so about the same as the Hancock and SkyRise and I feel I get a bit more stuff at the end. I know people don’t do these events for the swag, but I guess since I’ve done more now, it’s just an interesting comparison. There also isn’t as many photographers at this one as other ones I’ve done, none at the step and repeat (except to use your own phone) Not much entertainment before you climb while waiting in line,

I will say, one thing I do like about this race is that stairs! they are wide stairways and are concrete the whole way! And it’s always cute to see the kids do it, makes you wish you could go as fast as they do! Parking is reasonable also, $10! And day of packet pick up is allowed. Plus, the top of the Aon isn’t a place open to the public, so it’s pretty cool you are up there! Gear and coat check are the same location also.

I mainly do this event just because I can and able to through work, and it’s become a fun thing for me and my co workers to do yearly. Would I do it if I can’t do it through work? No, mainly since I’ve done it before so many times already.

Besides the poor planning, and things not going my way (my fitbit ran out of battery! ahh of course on a day I do a lot of steps!) I am proud of my co workers doing the climb again and recruiting more people!

2015-01-26 23.16.26

And can you believe since it was snowing/cloudy, this was my view at the top!?

2015-01-25 11.24.55

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