weekly recap

i’m so sorry for being radio silent these past days! but i had nothing fitness activity wise to report until this week!

Sat, 02/21-mardi gras chaser 10k!

so i owe you guys still the race recap of the oakbrook tower stair climb and this race!

february is flying by!

Weekly recap

Just one day-

Sunday, 02/08
-stair climb at oakbrook!

This weather blows. And more snow is coming. Boo!

Recap of the stair climb later this week!

Fight for Air Climb: Oakbrook Preview

So this weekend, I will be taking part of another stair climb that I have done before-the Fight for Air Climb of Oakbrook Tower!

The climb is with the American Lung Association. I did it for the first time back in 2012, I was unable to do it in 2013 since I was out of town visiting Lauren in STL for Mardi Gras! But, my co workers and I did do it in 2014!

This tower is much shorter-31 floors/680 steps-which is NOTHING after you just did the Aon climb!

All you have to do is climb once, but there are other climbs available to you:

-extreme climb (climb 2x)
-ultimate climb: (climb 3x)
-power hour-climb as many times as you can in an hour!

There is also teams, but mainly for fundraising to see what team can raise the most money!

Other fun things they do are they recognize if you have done the climb before, you get an alumni pin! And they have a special one for 5 years and 10 years.

There is a challenge that you can do call “Beat your time” If you beat your time from either the previous year, or the year before that, you get another ribbon! I wish I knew about it for 2014, I beat my 2012 time by a lot, but I will challenge myself to that this year!

Although I don’t have to pay for this climb since I am doing this through work, registration is more so like a race-it starts at $15, and can increase as it gets closer to race day to $45 (unlike other ones, it’s one set rate) and each person, either as a part of a team or individual, has to fundraise $100.

This race is special to me since it was the first race that I got a medal! Yay!

Here are some pics from the past events:






Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 12.02.13 AM

weekly recap


bc winter storm linus/superbowl blizzard/whatever other names suck. my poor little toyota corolla got stuck so many times this weekend just going to work that as soon as i got home, i refused to leave!

if anything, it makes me really want a toyota rav4 at the moment.