Weekly Recap

Although I’ve been on summer break for awhile, these past weeks I had to still go to school to handle loose ends (like applying for boards, clinical evaluations, etc). It’s not all completely done yet, but I do feel a good chunk of it is done, and hopefully this blogging thing gets back on track!
I do have a weekly recap for you, it’s short, but something did happen!
Sun, 05/17: Chicago Spring Half Marathon- 13.1 miles
Yeah, you read that right. That’s it. I haven’t ran since my last race, which was the Shamrock Shuffle back in March! It was rough, but I complete and I really made sure I listen to my body. I’ll get into more details about the race and how I feel in the race recap post, and then hopefully can finally upload those other recaps I need to post on here!

it’s been awhile huh?

hello world 🙂

i’m so sorry i haven’t really been around as much as i wanted to, and i totally left you hanging on my stair climb and how it went! and my 10k race! i actually have all of the recaps as a draft, but no pics in those posts.

i actually owe you 4 race recaps, gahh! (fight for air climb: oakbrook, mardi gras chaser 10k, fight for air climb: chicago PT, shamrock shuffle 8k)

so, how’s my life going? well, nursing school is pushing my limits, in every way possible. i eat, sleep, study, repeat. when i have a choice for down time, it’s a battle between: sleep more? study more? and therefore running goes to the side. a lot also happened in my work life, it just never gets easier, does it?

it’s finals week for me now, and i hope i can keep at this blogger better now that summer is almost within my reach.

but, of course, i have some big news.

me and running are getting back together bc…

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.01.23 PM

i got into the chicago marathon! i couldn’t believe it, i wasn’t paying attention at all to my lecture, i just kept refreshing my gmail and athlete center, and by the time i got this screen, i only had 20 mins left in class. oops. lol

so, i just wanted to give a little bit of an update, and hopefully this is the intro to kick me back into blogging more regularly, bc gaaaaah i’m going to run a marathon!