50 before 50

On my 25th birthday, I remember talking to my friends about bucket lists-if they had them, and if so, what is on theirs?

One person mentioned hers, but what stood out for me of hers was the name “50 before 50 bucket list” I asked her why the time frame and the number, and she told me if you think about it, you should try to do much of them when you’re younger, and 50 just sounded good.

I was inspired by this, and then made this bucket list!



50 before 50 Bucket List 🙂

1) Step foot on EVERY continent
2) See the 7 wonders of the world
3) Go zorbing in N.Z.
4) Zip-line!
5) Bungee-jump
6) Learn how to surf
7) Parasailing
8) Waterski
9) Swim w/sharks
10) Become scuba certified
11) Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
12) Become an RN, BSN
13) Become an FNP
14) Learn how to ride a unicycle
15) Obtain a pilot license
16) Do St. Baldrick’s
17) Operate heavy machinery
18) Attend a winter and summer olympics
19) Road trip through all 50 states
20) Run-5k/10k/15k/half marathon/full marathon
21) Complete a triathlon
22) Meet ALL of my extended family in Vietnam
23) Wakeboarding
24) Tubing
25) Become fluent in Vietnamese and Chinese
26) Buy a one-way ticket around the world
27) Do the SBK Breast Cancer Walk
28) Break a world record
29) Hike up a volcano
30) Swim with dolphins
31) Go on a safari ride
32) Hand-gliding
33) Hot air balloon ride
34) Go to NYC for NYE and see the ball drop
35) Student loans->PAID OFF!
36) Learn stick shift
37) Learn how to knit
38) Attend a college bowl game (ILL-INI!)
39) White water rafting
40) Learn how to ski
41) Learn how to snowboard
42) See the rainforest
43) Learn how to play guitar
44) Ride a camel
45) Ride an elephant
46) Become really involved with a non-profit group
47) Go spelunking
48) Build/design/decorate my dream home
49) Put a love lock somewhere…
50) Have an awesome name-changing party aka wedding

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