Chicago Fests: Chicago Food Social and Nutella Truck!

So on Saturday (08/23) was a food truck extravaganza day!

My sister told me she found out a Nutella truck was coming to Chicago! And I knew I had to go and see it!


And then also found out there is a food truck social! Even though my last experience wasn’t that great (and gahh still need to post that!) I was willing to give this a shot.

So it was off to the city we go to find food on wheels!

We did the Nutella truck first since they didn’t give us an ending time we wanted to make sure we catch it! We found it in Grant Park without a problem.


They gave away your choice to trying Nutella on oranges or waffles and I picked waffles and ate my sample in a second. We then tried to get pics with the biggest jar of Nutella.



And we also got bumper stickers


I suck at this selfie game

After that, it was off to the food truck fest!


I heard about this just the day before. After working in the city, I had an eye appointment to dilate my eyes and I saw the Chicago Cupcake truck and decided to treat myself because it’s Friday! I then learned about the fest. I remember hearing about it last year but I couldn’t go, so I knew I had to go this year!

Admission was $5 (not bad, the disaster I went to before was $10) and the lines were not bad! Basically no lines. I think it was because of the weather- it did rain randomly, and I think we came at a good time- like 8pm.

I first got pierogis from Pierogi Wagon. I’ve heard many people love this truck so I was excited to see it there.


I kept it simple- potatoes and cheese with sour cream, regular size.



While we were eating, we got free chicken!


From Cluckson’s. It was good chicken. The owner didn’t want the food to go to waste, and it didn’t! Our table made sure it didn’t. I’m not too sure what it was, but it was kinda spicy but I liked it. Judging from it’s twitter, it looks like it’s kinda new to the food truck scene.


I then got some firecracker Rangoon from Chicago Lunchbox. They are banh mi sandwich place (which I LOVE, I grew up eating these sandwiches since I’m Vietnamese). But since I was kinda full from other food, I decided to try other things from them.


I liked them- just the right amount of punch of spiciness.



Then of course I had to stop by Chicago Cupcake since they were the ones that told me about the fest! I got a cookie dough one for later 🙂


So far, I’ve had creme brûlée and turtle. The cookie dough is my fave so far


During the fest, they had music on. It was good, also better than the other fest I went to earlier.


Overall, this was a good fest. Although I was sad to see that some of the trucks left after the rain (I was looking for Fat Shallot and Toasty Cheese) I’m still happy.

There’s one more food truck that will happen in October call Chicago Food Truck Festival. I’m hoping to go to that one also. And I just learned there’s a Mac and cheese fest coming in October!