My first pair of running shoes/excitement for the next ones

So the other day I got SUPER excited because on twitter Saucony tweeted this:


I love this because:

-7 is my favorite/lucky number
-I’m due for new shoes (I love my Ride 6 but I think it’s time for it to retire, especially after half marathon training)
-just gahhhhh I can’t wait!

Here’s a pic of my first pair:


I got these babies July 2013. After completing a few 5ks in my nike shox (I know what was I thinking?!) I did noticed my knee was always in pain around mile 2, and Lauren suggested that I go and get fitted for a pair of shoes. What sealed the deal was when I looked in one of my swag bags from a race and advertise a local running store and offer me a free pair of socks! And that I had a 10k coming up, and I did not want to feel that knee pain so close to the beginning of the race.

Yeah, I didn’t know what to expect from that fitting. I had work later that day, so I was dressed in normal day to day clothes. I ran on the treadmill as they filmed me (I expected that, heard that from a lot of people)

What I didn’t expect was just how much more running I would do! I ran in every shoe I tried, and it came down to the brooks ghost and the saucony rides. I would run with one on each foot, and then switch that. I was EXHAUSTED! I was running at noon, and not in gym clothes or a sports bra! I was dying!

I will admit, I picked the saucony ones mainly because of the color- I mean, how can you turn down bright neon yellow shoes!? But they have been good to me.

The shoe fitting appointment was good- I learned a lot about my stride (I’m neutral, but apparently I crash REALLY hard on my landings, so I need something with lots of cushioning on the front of the shoe) and the important of not using regular socks- I had no idea that was important too!

If you would of told me when I got those shoes that I would run a half marathon by the time the next shoe comes out, I would of thought you were crazy (At the time, I thought about maybe signing up for The Electric Run, The Color Run, and The Hot Chocolate Run)

It’s insane to think how much has changed and what I’ve done in these shoes, can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish in my next pair 🙂

First run post half marathon

Today I had a little bit of time since clinicals got out early to go for a run. I have every intention to run 5 miles but ended up doing only 2 😦

I was so mad at myself- how did I just run a half marathon alright last week and here I am just trying to run around my neighborhood and I wanted to die?!

I will admit- things could of gone better. I didn’t eat well today (we had a mini party at clinicals) and I actually couldn’t find my armband or earphones for awhile (yeah my stuff is still in my luggage from dc) and I forgot parts of my neighborhood don’t have a sidewalk! Gah!

Oh well. I can’t wait till school is over (20:01 on Thursday) for summer then I can get more into a routine. Gotta start training for the BTN big 10k!

And I’m excited I got to wear one of the things I got from the bloggers brunch- this bic band! Isn’t it pretty? And it goes great with that new Tiffany’s necklace I got 🙂