Teach me how to bustle, teach me teach me how to bustle

So, the other day as part of my maid of honor duties, I went to Jane’s bridal fitting to make sure I knew how to bustle her dress.

When I was maid of honor the first time, I remember Chelsea told me I needed to go, and I was like, “ok, it can’t be that hard to put a dress together.” I was confused- I didn’t remember reading about this in bridesmaids books I bought (I got quite a deal for them since at the time borders was going out of business, and I didn’t want to mess things up!my first time standing in a wedding and I’m the maid of honor?! Gotta make sure I knew what I was doing!) but I went.

And boy, I was like “wtf is going on” at that fitting.

It turns out, Chelsea’s dress was difficult, for we had to do a French bustle since her dress was swept to the side. The alterations lady, Sue even drew me a diagram! I was just speechless- how could something that looks so simple be so darn difficult?!

The alternations appointment was helpful, Sue made me dress Chelsea and gave me tips how to put her into the corset back faster by bending the string and all that jazz.

On Chelsea’s wedding day, I actually forgot the diagram Sue made me, so I had to improvise, but I think it turned out well?


I had such a hard time finding the buttons, and it didn’t help that the photographer was there snapping pics! Oh well, it probably didn’t help that I didn’t remember how many buttons there were. Oops.


So, here I was, at Jane’s bridal fitting and I got a pen and paper ready, getting my phone out to take pics, and once the lady shows me it’s just two buttons I need to find, I was relieved!

Obviously, I can’t post the pic of the dress since the wedding hasn’t happened yet (June 21!) but once it does I’ll post a pic so you can see how much simpler it was 🙂

I also got my dress the other day, fits alright just gotta get some alternations since I’m not a busty gal, but it it’s a dress I really like and might re wear again (I’ll post a pic once the wedding happens and maybe you guys can really tell me if this is true or not)