Ditka Dash Recap

So on Sat, 9/27, me and my sister did DA DITKA DASH!

For those of you that don’t really speak football, Ditka is pretty much a legend in chicago. He was the coach for the bears when they won the super bowl, and he was also a player before when they won. Pretty cool that he can say he won the superbowl from both sides of the field.
This race first came to chicago last year, and i really wanted to do it, but i couldn’t. For some odd reason, the race last year took place in Nov, right after thanksgiving on that saturday, and since i work in retail, that was not possible. it also sold out pretty quickly last year too, so i was trying to get into the race by volunteering for a packet pick up shift but once again, didn’t work out with my schedule since i was working a crazy shift on black friday.
When i saw this year it was coming in sept, i knew i had to do! So, me and my sister signed up for it!
Packet Pick Up:
kinda sucked-you had to go to solider field to get your stuff, and even once you arrive there by bus, you had to walk pretty far away to get it. I will say though, it was a breeze to get my stuff. i had no lines to worry about!
2014-09-26 15.43.19 2014-09-26 15.43.23 2014-09-26 15.50.01 2014-09-26 15.50.21
2014-09-26 22.33.59
yup- aviators and mustaches included! not a fan of cotton shirt, but these are shirts i’m more likely to rewear so it’s good it’s not tech? (well at least the navy one i can wear for game day!)
Race Day:
this is where things went downhill quickly. me and my sister weren’t having the greatest day, and we both didn’t sleep very well either the night before. she wasn’t feeling well on the car ride there, so we missed our 8 am wave (there was also a 9am and a 10am) but then, when we hopped on the el, the blue line was taking forever due to construction so that delay us again. and THEN we BARELY miss the 9am wave. we were 2 ft away when they shut the gate on us and told us we are now a part of the 10am.
i completely forgot that this is a fun run-it’s not timed at all, and stuff like this happens a lot.
On the course, there was only 1 water station. i guess i’m a snob, but i like it when there is 2 water stations (is that the norm? or have i been spoiled?)
the end of the race, there was basically a huge tailgate party and tons of fun photo ops.
at the end of the day, me and my sister were exhausted.
2014-09-27 10.38.20
overall, the race was just OK for me. I didn’t love it, nor do i hate it. Would i do it again? probably not. when it comes to fun runs, i feel like i just need to do it once, maybe twice and that’s it. i kinda get over them quickly, and i feel just one time is enough. i just do it again if some friends are wanting to do it, and they just want someone else to come along also.
this race did make me want to do more of the races that go along with chicago sport teams. a few weeks ago, there was a super bear bowl shuffle 5k, but i couldn’t do it since it was on a thursday. i know theres a race for wrigley for the cubs in april, my sister did that, so i might try to do that one also. i couldn’t do it with her this past year since it was on the day i did my long run for my Nike half (13 miles) and i had the hustle up the hancock stair climb the next day. there’s probably one for the sox, but i don’t care for them.
at the moment, i don’t think there is one for the hawks or the bulls, probably because they mainly play when it’s cold outside? that’s my guess, but i don’t know for sure. but if they had one, i would do it! gotta support my chicago teams!
the only other team i really care about is my illini, even though we haven’t been the best team in recent years, it’s my alma mater, which is why i always do the btn big 10k one. there was an i run 8k challenge that the alumni group did the past 2 years, but they didn’t do it this year 😦 and of course, i want to go back to campus and run that half marathon some day, but it’s such a popular race weekend that it keeps getting pushed back.
oh well, me and my sister had fun! we mustache you a question…
2014-09-29 08.34.32
2014-09-30 00.17.35
2014-09-30 00.17.25

Macklind mile- recap

This recap is waaaay overdue! Sorry!

But all of this talk of me doing another race with my BFF Lauren made me think of the last race we did together which was the Macklind Mile! I did this race back on 6/28/14


I was visiting Lauren in STL this weekend where she invited me to do this race also and I said why not?! A mile and a good price of $20? Sign me up!

I did the race also with Lauren’s boyfriend and a co worker of hers. We woke up early and walked over to the race! Lauren was nice enough to do my packet pick up also, so I can’t comment on how that went.


Me and Lauren before the race!

This race was ok, not bad since it’s a mile and I didn’t really run at all this summer.


Overall this was a great race. I had a problem when I register since I signed up for the wrong wave and they were able to change it without a problem for me! And for $20 and to run in a different city, how can you turn it down?


What really cracks me up is they gave away these stickers, I have it on my bulletin board 🙂


we run dc: day 3: race day!

Sunday, April 27: RACE DAY! #werundc

AHHHH! Is what I thought when I heard the 4am alarm went through the hotel room. I slept but not as well as I wanted too. I woke up during the night sneezing and feeling congested, and of course, I was nervous! I expressed to a lot of people I’m really scared that I wouldn’t finish the race, and that the bus would come and pick me up because I was too slow. The main reason I thought this was because my 13 mile run went pretty bad and I pretty much have been slacking on training since week 7, so about halfway through.

My race day clothes- yeah I wore new stuff- the tank too and the socks but nothing bad happen to me so yay!


Me and Lauren 🙂 omg I’m so tired! Ahh!


I got up, put on my race clothes, ate a Luna bar, and headed to the Metro once again. Thank goodness we loaded our Metro card, the lines to load them were long!

After getting to the race, we checked our bags and hung out mainly by that area. Since I was using a sweatshirt that I didn’t care about, I was going to toss it once I start so that it would be donated. Lauren and Kathleen had nicer gear on, so we chilled until they were brave enough to take it off. lol

My friend Paige wanted to see me at one point on race day, she was ambitious and said she wanted to see me start so I texted her when I was there. She wanted more sleep (which I completely understand, so did I!) and decided to track me on the Nike website and to come down once I was close to being done.

We were all in separate corrals, so Lauren and Kathleen dropped me off and wished me luck. Just standing in my corral alone, I was nervous and scared. I was thinking, “Can I do this?” “Will I finish?” “Why is it so cold?” “Can people tell I don’t really know what I’m doing?” “Do I look like a loser since I don’t have anyone to talk to?” lol I wanted to use my phone, but I didn’t want to waste my battery, so I avoid using it completely.

Before I knew it, I was closer to the start line, I looked up at the clock and noticed 16 minutes had pass, and I just started running!

I didn’t take any pictures during the race, I didn’t want to fumble with it going in and out of my case, and I didn’t want to risk lowering my battery power, and I knew I needed my phone later to find Lauren and Kathleen, and to find Paige later too.

The race was awesome. The weather was good, the course was pretty flat for the most part, and I had so many interesting signs to read, so much cool entertainment to see/hear/watch also.

They took the WE RUN sign and lit it blue under the tunnels, and also had the wall people signed their name there too. Lots of drums and marching bands! At the half way point, one point I really considered stopping to take a picture was they had a dragon and loin dance! (It’s those asian dances you tend to see during the Lunar New Year) But at that point, I was thinking, I’m half way done! I can do this! Keep going!

Other fun signs I saw were “You run better than healthcare.gov” “Girls, show congress how to run!” “You run better than the government” A lot of government puns.

“Run like Ryan Gosling is at the end!” There was also a poster that said “TOUCH” for a power boost! I thought that was funny!

One of my other favorite groups was I kept seeing people wearing Blackhawks gear, and their shirts read “Three Run Two” and I thought, hm, that’s funny, sounds like 312, like Chicago’s area code and the beer. And I kept running and it turns out, it was a Chicago running group from Logan Square! How awesome was that!?

I also saw a few girls wear a black tank and skirt, hair in a bun and a crown, and I thought, that’s awesome! They’re Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

From mile 7-11, that part was tough for me. You run through a peninsula and onto an island that I felt took FOREVER. There isn’t much cheering groups there and I felt the sun beating down on me. The cherry blossoms weren’t really there anymore either, so I felt like I had nothing to look at! I felt like I was on LOST or Gilligan’s Island, I was screaming and wanting to so badly to get off the island!

Luckily, at mile 11, Kathleen’s friend Brandon was working the water stations. I looked for him and thought I saw him, but I wasn’t sure if it was him. I felt delirious, I didn’t want to stop since I knew I only had 2 miles left, so I took the water from who I thought was him and then kept going. But it turns out, it was him! lol

I liked how at every station, they had water AND Nuun. I would drink both and use these places as a mini walking break before running again. I also really enjoyed the Clif shots they gave out, I grabbed two of those and really did use them when I was struggling at miles 7-11. I didn’t have to use the bathrooms, but man, those lines were LONG! It was great that they would post signs how far away the next bathroom was though.

Mile 12 was interesting, they called this the Chocolate Mile and handed us chocolate! And this was another section where they scan your bib and it flashes your name on the screen to encourage you to keep going! Mine said, “Huong, it’s time to rally!”

I did feel like the last mile was the longest. I kept running faster and faster but the finish line didn’t seem to get any closer.

But, before I knew it, I saw the finish line and I crossed it. The time there said 3:02 ish, so I was kind of mad at myself, I wanted to finish before the 3 hour mark. But, there was no time for that. I needed to pick up my Tiffany’s necklace! And swag bag!

I didn’t take a picture of the swag bag, but it had food from Whole Foods, a water bottle and chocolate milk. Then you would go in line to get your Tiffany’s necklace. They also offered heat blankets here too. I was getting my phone ready to get a picture with the guy that gave it to me, but I did notice he wasn’t stopping so I didn’t get one and I was sad. But, I kept walking and noticed more lines, and as I got towards the front, I saw the guys I wanted a picture with-the guys in tuxedos and a silver platter with Tiffany blue boxes! So, I hopped into that line! I didn’t do a crazy pose, just a simple one!


And here’s a picture of the necklace 🙂


Afterwards, I found my friend Paige and we wondered around stuff that wasn’t just for finishers so she could be with me. I saw the line for finisher’s apparel, and boy was it LONG! Thank goodness Lauren runs fast and grabbed me a shirt! But, there wasn’t anything too special. I really didn’t like how Nike is making stuff is random colors. I understand the teal (for Tiffany’s) and purple (for lymphoma and leukemia) but red? That one confuses me to the max.

And once again nike doesn’t fit me too well. I asked Lauren to get me a medium (since the shirt I got for the race was too small for a small) and now this medium is huge! Ahh! But at least I got something?


I grabbed another sample of Paul Mitchell, and then try to find Lauren and Kathleen. I didn’t even try to get into the Finisher’s Village, I knew I could talk to Lauren to see what was really in there. I also didn’t try to get in line for the step and repeat sign that said “I Finished!”

After finding them, Paige went to brunch and Kathleen, Lauren and I head back to DuPont to go to Shake Shack to meet up with more of Kathleen’s friends and Brandon and his wife. Kathleen loves this place and they’re opening one in Chicago soon so I was excited to try it out.


I got the Washington monu-mint concrete, fries, and single shack burger.

Brandon then offered to drive us back to the hotel to get our checked bags and to let us use his shower before we head back to the airport, and drive us to the airport! What a guy! We also then got a mini driving tour of DC, since we mainly spent much of our time in Georgetown. So, I got to see a part of the Martin Luther King Monument. But, definitely need to take a trip out of DC again soon, and for enjoyment this time!


At the airport, I wanted to cry once I saw the people waiting-there was a HUGE group of 8th graders that were on a trip and were on my plane ride back. I knew right away, this trip wouldn’t be a quite one, and I knew my seat sucked already-I got the last row by the bathroom. There was also a little bit of a delay, but once again, once I got on the plane, I pretty much passed out.

Before I got on the plane, I remember to put on my new compression sleeves! I probably looked funny, but who cares. I heard people like to wear them on plane rides to avoid swelling.


Then, we landed, got home, and it was back to reality. I had homework to worry about and work in the AM!

Overall, this was a great first half marathon experience. I can’t wait to do another one, although I’m sure I’ll be disappointed since Nike sure knows how to throw them, but regardless, I have a few more I like to do before I tackle a marathon and a sprint triathlon! And, of course, I would love to do the San Fransico one (even with those hills!) and if they ever do it at another location, I will be there! Even if a friend wants to run it for the first time, I’ll be there, even if it’s a location I’ve been to before! I can’t turn down another Nike experience and a Tiffany’s necklace 🙂

we run dc: day 2: pandas, blogger brunch, and pasta, oh my!

Saturday, April 26-Another day of adventures!

We woke up somewhat early and started our day by heading to the zoo to see the pandas! This was one of the requests I made on the trip (luckily, Kathleen wanted to go to Georgetown Cupcakes also, and we didn’t have time to make it to the Martin Luther King Monument, which is one of the few stuff I haven’t seen in DC since it’s more recent.)

Off to the metro we go to head to the zoo! The metro, what an experience. I can’t believe how deep and STEEP the metros are in DC! And that fares are different depending on the times and days, and distance! Very different from Chicago-it’s one flat rate and you can go anywhere!

Kathleen read that we needed to go EARLY for this gets crowded pretty fast!

I’m just happy I was able to see the Pandas, since they’re my favorite animal! And they are only in 4 zoos in America (Atlanta, Memphis, San Diego, and DC) and now I’ve seen them all but Atlanta.


Can I just say-I know pandas are awesome, but I had NO IDEA the amount of attention they get! The amount of cameras there that were like paparazzi lens made me think TMZ was there and that someone famous like Oprah was out there instead! I had no idea there was such a huge following! I never saw this at other zoos, but now that I think about, DC is probably the only zoo that has pandas and is free, so people can go there more regularly and practice their freelance photography skills…

Since my friend Paige wasn’t able to meet up with me last night, she decided to join us at the zoo! It was so great to see her! And then she lead us to the bloggers brunch location.


The blogger’s brunch was held at Sequoia which was right back in Georgetown on Washington Harbour, and was hosted by Stephanie from http://catladyruns.com/ and Roaen from http://lovelifelogistics.com/

My BFF Lauren was contacted by Roaen to join, and signed us up to go! I’ve never been to this sort of thing, but I was excited regardless that I just started this blog weeks ago to meet other bloggers and hear about past participants about their experiences with this half marathon.

Brunch was awesome, you can’t go wrong with eggs benedict, and oh my goodness, did we get some swag or what!?!



Everyone got everything in this picture but the glitter headband, the necklace and compression sleeves, I won those from the raffle! I’m so excited to try out this stuff and being a new runner, I have a lot of stuff to learn about still!

There was some confusion when it came time to pay, and therefore we did not have time to go to the Holocaust Museum like we planned to, plus we had so much stuff to carry, so we decided to head back to the hotel to rest a bit before we head back to Georgetown for dinner with another one of Kathleen’s friends.

But, of course, we looked at saw there was not much of a line at Sprinkles Georgetown, so we stop by for a little sugar high 🙂

I got the special off the menu item that day-it was a carmel cupcake with brown sugar frosting! It was good!


Then after a nap, we head to dinner, or as I like to call it, carbo loading at Clyde’s.


Kathleen’s friend is Kathryn from http://dancingtorunning.com/, who along with her husband has had a lot of experience with run disney events. Kathleen is doing the Dopey Challenge, and Lauren is joining her just for the marathon part, so they found the information helpful! I’m not interested in that race (for Disney, I really want to do the Princess and Tinkerbell Half Marathon, in the same year so I can get the Coast to Coast medal). I’m not sure when I’ll do it, but since Lauren wants to do the Princess one also, I’m glad that they will both have run disney events under their belt so that when I do it, I can go to them for help also 🙂

Then it was off to bed, we have an early day before the race! But, we then found out that check out time is 11am and they don’t do late check outs 😦 so along with the stress of pre race but packing up everything so we can check our bags before we head to the race.

The pre race packing stressed me out, I’m one of those people I don’t like to bring a lot of stuff with me on race day, I like to avoid checking a bag (ever since I did the Color Run and found out the hard way that not every race does bag check) but with a half marathon, that’s a bit more difficult to avoid, since you’ve been running longer and be in some pain also. I also for other races just mainly bring an ID, my iphone holder and earbuds, nothing else. But, this time around, I have a water bottle to worry about, fuel, cash for finisher’s apparel, and a bajillion other things! And my clear race bag was ripping, I just couldn’t handle it!

After talking to Lauren and Kathleen, I got a better sense of what I needed and I eventually made it to bed, because I have to wake up at 4 am for the race the next day!

And tomorrow, race day and traveling back recap.

we run dc: day 1: travel/nike Georgetown/packet pickup/expotique and ostomy bag be gone!

I can now officially say that I completed my first half marathon! How exciting is that?!?!

This runcation was awesome and I couldn’t ask for a better one! I’m going to do a recap of the whole weekend by each day.

Friday, April 25

Travel day! And what better way to travel than after pulling an all-nighter and hoping on an airplane!? (Can’t you tell I am a little bit of a procrastinator? lol) I know this is strange, but during my undergrad years, I never pulled an all-nighter, so this was the first for me! Oh nursing school, what have you done to me!?

Since I was doing this half marathon with Lauren and Kathleen from sistertosisterrunning.wordpress.com, I was traveling with Kathleen and then meeting Lauren in DC! Lauren is one of my BFFs and I couldn’t wait not only to see her again but also to have two veterans of half marathons to help me out that weekend!

Me and Kathleen got to O’Hare in no time since we left my place so early, so we grabbed some breakfast and then waited for our plane. That was a little bit of a disaster, I guess they really needed two people to give up their seats and they were willing to give $600 in towards your next flight! I would of done it, but I needed to get to DC that day, and they weren’t getting me to DC until night time, and we had quite a day planned!

Once I got on the plane, I passed out until we landed in DC. We meet up with Lauren and then Kathleen’s friend Brandon picked us up from the airport. And look what the hotel had!


After checking into our hotel, all of us headed into Georgetown to go to packet pick up, explore the expotique and get some race merchandise at the Nike Georgetown!

We saw Nike Georgetown first, and all of the merchandise was upstairs. I really had to restrain myself from buying everything! I ended up w/a quarter zip, a thank top and socks. I’m still considering maybe buying a pair of shoes and this sweatshirt I saw.

I love the quarter zip, and it has thumbholes! The tank I ended up wearing it for the race and loved it also, the same goes for the socks.


And here’s the back of the quarter zip


Next to Nike Georgetown is the WE RUN DC name wall on the side, so we went to look for our name! It’s in alphabetical order from left to right. My name was in a cool location, in the N of RUN, and it’s two colors 🙂


After that, we headed to packet pick up, and on the Washington Harbour is where we saw the WE RUN sign so we took a pic of that also. Here’s my fail attempt to look like a really cool runner.


Then right down the hill was the packet pick up and expotique. Packet pick up went well, they scan your barcode that was your confirmation number for the race and then assign you a bib. And then you were sent to another tent to get your shirt.


I’m not a big fan of the shirt. I feel like it’s kind of plain and I would of liked it better if it was in a different color. Also, you couldn’t exchange your shirt for another size here, if you wanted a different size, you could only do it on Saturday night. I didn’t have time to go to it 😦 Nike kind of fits funny on me, depending on the item, I can be a small or a medium and you had to put this information down when you are entering the lottery and there’s no way to go back and check to see you put down or change it later (at least for shirts and pace corrals, I had to change the date of packet pick up, which was easy to do, I just had to email Nike)

The expotique was interesting, it had it’s ups and downs. One cool thing right away I noticed is they had a screen that would scan your bib and right away your name would come up and say something to encourage you for your the race, and then it disappears too quickly for you to try to take a picture with it, so it’s a lot of people entering in and out of the lines in order to get their name to appear on the screen again.


There was a Luna station for you to try different flavors and to make signs. There was also a Nuun station, which I thought was cool. I was able to try the flavors that they will have out on the race course and other flavors as well. I’ve never had Nuun before so I found this to be a pretty cool experience.

There was also a Paul Mitchell area for you to get your hair done, but that was a pretty long line so I passed on that and the next appointment was in 2 hours. There was also a mini Feet Fleet area for you to get some last minute race gear, but it was so small, I don’t know what you would of gotten there, mainly Nuun tablets if you found a flavor you really liked from the Nuun stations.

After that, there was a huge wall you could sign your name on it. I don’t know where people sign their name on Saturday, I came on Friday and it was full already!

Other things they had at the expotique was a Nike + Member services area, I didn’t go there, but it seem like an area you could get a gait analysis done. There was also a lot of modeling mannequins showing off Nike’s products and gear for the race.

The expotique was… ok. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either.

After this, we started to explore more of DC. We headed to BTS for some burgers.

And to Georgetown Cupcakes! I love cupcakes and I’ve watched the show too, so I was super excited for this! I got to try the cherry blossom and red velvet, both were good in my book 🙂


Red velvet on the left, cherry blossom on the right


After this, we headed back to the hotel to rest a bit and then got pizza at PIOLA before meeting up with more of Kathleen’s friends in the DuPont area. I was excited at this point because I was FINALLY able to take off that ostomy bag!

Overall, my experience with the ostomy bag was just me being annoyed with it. I felt like it got in the way of picking my clothes and I didn’t like having random plastic sticking to me all the time. It did teach me some of the struggles a person having one has to face, I can’t imagine it being easy to get use to, I had trouble and I only had it for a day!

Whew! That was quite a Friday! Tomorrow, I’ll update on what we did on Saturday!

We run dc!


(Credit: https://werundc.nikeapp.com/)

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe race day is almost here!

This race is pretty big for my running career (that sounds strange since I’m not a professional athlete but oh well). Not only is this my first half marathon, but also my first destination run! A runcation! Or is it a racecation? I’m not sure, I’m new at this lol

But first, how did I hear about this race and how did I get into it?

I first learned about this race mainly through Pinterest, people would often pin these awesome Tiffany blue nike fitness gear and I would always try to find it on the nike website but never had any luck.

Then, last year (2013) I was on instragram and I saw that Shawn Johnson had pictures of some awesome nike gear that was also in that Tiffany blue color! Through there I was able to learn that these were special merchandise for the run nike womens series race!

As if I wasn’t sold already on the merchandise that you can buy, I later learned that not only is the whole weekend Tiffany blue theme, but at the end of the race, you don’t get a medal, but a Tiffany’s necklace! I couldn’t believe it! I knew it was a race that had to be on my bucket list! I then started to google and read past participants reviews about the race and it just sounded so amazing I knew I had to do it.

So far the race is only at San Fransico (often occurs in October and has a half or full marathon option) and in DC as a half marathon in April. Since the race is so popular, registration is a lottery system, or you can enter by fundraising for leukemia and lymphoma society or as a student if you’re enrolled at a college/university.

I will admit, this is an expensive race. It was $175 but the way I see it, it’s a one time thing for the bucket list and I’m getting an amazing half marathon experience and a Tiffany’s necklace so definitely worth the money.

I entered the lottery for DC in November, not thinking I would get in it at all. I’ve read about how many times people enter this lottery and don’t get it! My friend Lauren did a team one with her sister Kathleen and also didn’t think they would get it. We just thought that since it was our first time going in the lottery that our chances were slim. In fact me and Lauren were making plans to sign up for another half marathon that same weekend for once we get that rejection email! So imagine our surprise when I got the email saying I was in, but that they were in too!

What does suck is the last day to enter in the lottery, I later found out that night I got into nursing school! So I could of been a guarantee entry and paid a lower price, but oh well.

I couldn’t believe I got into the race and I knew I had to step up my running game. This whole not train before any race wasn’t going to cut it for the half marathon!

Training has been difficult for me. Since I wasn’t much of a runner beforehand, I had to go from not running to running 4-5 days a week! And cross train! Things I never thought about! I don’t have a gym membership, so I was trying to figure out how to run indoors and outdoors (that didn’t happen much due to Chiberia). Luckily my park district has an indoor track free to the public so I took advantage of that. All I knew about running was to not wear cotton apparel and go for the wicking stuff that this rule applied to socks and sport bras too. I did have proper running shoes, that I did invest in when I signed up for the btn big 10k (that’s another story too- running shoes!) But that was about it.

I eased into working out by starting to go to pure barre classes. That really help me start to think about scheduling workouts into my day. What pure barre also really helped me was for cross training and it got me thinking mentally I can do anything, which is really important for running! I could talk about pure barre all day, that will also be another post.

Another factor that made training difficult was school, I just started a nursing program and to be out of school for awhile, it definitely took me some time to get back into that. Believe me, I didn’t think I would be doing both nursing school and training for a half marathon at the same time. I thought it was possible for me to do one or the other but not both. And, I was working part time also. It was a lot of things to juggle at once!

It’s crazy to think about it like it was so long ago, and just how much I’ve learned these months about running! I’m still scared about not being able to finish the race since I didn’t really stick to the training plan (I only did 70% of what Nike told me to do) but regardless, I’m excited to take on my first half marathon!

Stair climbs: Hustle up the Hancock Recap


When I tell people I’m doing a stair climb, I get a mixed reaction from people just like when I tell then I’m training for a half marathon. The reactions are either “Why?!” To “Your knees must hate you” and “Wait a minute- you’re going to take all of those stairs to the top? Not an elevator?”

Stair climbs are what got me interested in fitness. It was something I never heard of people doing before and to me they seem easier than running. I don’t have to train for them but as a result I would be in some pain afterwards but nothing as much as running a race without proper training!

My first stair climb is the AON Step Up for Kids in 2012 and after that I research to see what other ones happen in Chicago since we have many skyscrapers for possible stair climbs!

That’s when I learned Chicago has 4 stair climbs- AON Step Up for Kids, Fight For Air Climb at Presidential Towers, Hustle up the Hancock, and SkyRise Chicago at the Sears Tower.

Wow, there’s only 4? I then decide to try and do all 4! And as of today I’ve done 2 now- I just completed Hustle up the Hancock this month!

This stair climb is very popular- the full climb (94 stories/1632 steps) ALWAYS sells out very quickly so I made sure to set a reminder for myself for when I can register! The half climb tends to have spots for awhile but by event day the event is sold out for both climbs!

For the full climb, it’s $55 registration fee and $95 minimum donation, so $150 due when you sign up. Pricey, yes, but I figured I just want to do it once and it fills up quick so just do it!

Overall I did enjoy this race. It was run very smoothly since it’s very well organized!

The pros of this race are:
-packet pick up- there was a mail option! So that saved me a trip into the city to get that! And I got it rather quickly too! I ordered the mailing option on Friday and got my packet on Tuesday!
-during my wait in line to climb, they had a lot of interesting things for me to read about their organization, upcoming events, photos were taken, a place to sign my name and why I was climbing.
-they let you carry water into the stairwell (some other ones don’t let you which I understand as a safety precaution)
-a pretty sweet medal!
-I didn’t use this service but the fact that they let your friends and family meet you at the top was nice (of course you have to buy tickets for 360Chicago) but many other stair climbs only let participants at the top so your friends and family would have to wait for you at the bottom.

The cons of this race are:
-this is personal but I don’t like their stairs. They were metal, like the ones on a fire escape so they make a ton of noise!
-the number of stairs for each story of the building was different, so that was rather confusing (ex-the AON is 80 stories/1643 steps and the Hancock is 94 stories/1632 steps) I was told they differ when you were on a residential parts and business parts but I wasn’t counting but I believe it.
-they wanted people to pass on the right which was strange to me for many things you often pass on the left
-coat and gear check were at 2 different locations. That was rather confusing. I don’t like to bring a lot of stuff with me anyways so I made sure to everything I need could fit into my pockets of my coat. Gear check was at the Hilton hotel nearby which was where the celebration was at too. I completely forgot about the celebration since I didn’t do any gear check so I didn’t go. But yeah, 2 different locations was strange but my guess for that was maybe they didn’t have the space for it at the Hancock and of course time restrictions.
-parking! Really expensive! You could either park at the Hancock or at the Hilton! I parked at a friends place and took the el to the Hancock but I understand the prices are because you are at the Hancock, and I was complaining about AON parking prices! If you parked at the Hancock it’s $32 the first 2 hours then $34/hour until you hit 10 hours. You can get $5 if you validate before you leave the Hancock building. At the hilton it’s up to 2 hours is $27 and then afterwards it’s $35 till you hit 6 hours.
-I didn’t get to experience the new tilt 360chicago at the observatory 😦 I would of liked to be able to do more at the top but from what I’ve read online if you buy tickets to the observatory if you want to experience the tilt it’s an additional $5 so that would explain why they didn’t have it available. But it would of been cool, I would of paid that to do it! I’m already up there I want to do stuff up there!

Overall, a great stair climb I would recommend others to do it! You get a great medal and view of the city. My view was different- it was very cloudy when I went up there- I only saw white everywhere and I had to wait awhile for some clouds to clear up before I could get this picture of the trump and sears tower poking through the clouds


Can’t wait to tackle my next stair climb! I have the sears tower and the fight for air climb at presidential towers before I can say I’ve done all the stair climbs in Chicago!