Wanderlust and procrastination at it’s finest.

So when I was in Boston exploring Newbury St, I found this at Forever 21:


I really wanted to buy it in Boston but because of the size, I didn’t buy it. I wasn’t sure how to transport it because I knew it wouldn’t fit in my luggage.

The retail worker in me then took a picture of it, and a picture of numbers/barcodes. I then went home and tried to find it at the Forever 21 stores by me but no luck. I then asked an employee if they can search for it for me. It was only either at a mall pretty north from me, or the Michigan Ave store in Chicago (which is the equivalent of Newbury St in Boston)

I finally had time today after work to walk to it and buy it! I was so excited. But I need to find more things to out on there, and more push pins to place where I want to go.

I really hope one day I live somewhere with enough wall space to have one of those awesome travel maps from National Geographic of the world. And I have some rather travel bucket list items. They are:

-step foot on every continent (just USA so far since Canada and Haiti don’t count but I’ve left the country!)

-see an Illinois football and basketball game at every big ten stadium (I got both done for Illinois, Northwestern, and Wisconsin. I’ve seen a bball game at MSU and a football game at Michigan) and they need to stop adding people into the big ten or else I’ll never finish it.

-visit all 50 states (ideally, via road trip one summer to all of them and do something tourist/obnoxious in each state and get a t shirt for a cool t shirt quilt)

I want to do something creative when it comes to USA travels. I found on Pinterest- to get a puzzle map of the 50 states, and to find a picture from each state and cut it to represent it! Sounds awesome! I might make it into a magnet thing then.

I also found people take coins from countries and make them as magnets. I have a ton of press a pennies so I think I’ll do that.

I also feel I should do something to mark races I’ve done in other states, I’ll figure that out later. I’m not on a mission to complete a certain distance in each state which I know some people do!

It’s crazy to think this summer alone I went to-

-Iowa (a tiny town)
-Champaign, IL (woot woot college days!) for a wedding
-St. Louis, MO
-Madison, WI
-Austin, TX
-Boston, MA

And if I’m including all travels of the year so far, then I have to out Washington, DC in April for my first half marathon at the Nike Women Series!

I try to visit friends in St. Louis and Madison once a year, so those trips are nothing to me. And now I have to add Ann Arbor to that list since another friend if mine moved there for grad school.

I’ve never been to Iowa, TX or MA so I crossed 3 states off my list!

Boston: Day 4 (08/17)

And we are finally on my last day in Boston 😦

I refuse to leave Boston without eating some lobster! I was on a mission to get a lobster roll!

On my way to the Lobstah roll, we drove by Tufts University. I thought it was a cute campus on a hill. It amazes me how close all of these campuses are in the Boston area. And Tufts always reminds me of the H-bomb:

We read on Boston Thrillist that the best one to get was at Yankee Lobster Co. That was perfect since it’s right next door to Harpoon- where we were doing a brewery tour!

I was really happy with my lobster roll. It was the perfect meal before the brewery tour. I will admit, since I never had one, I thought it would be more mayo and it would be smaller (just based on pics I’ve seen) I was happy this came with fries. I’m not too crazy about coleslaw.


Harpoon is a company I never heard of until I went to Boston. After talking to many people I was surprise to hear not anyone recommended the Sam Adams tour, but Harpoon instead.

The tour was $5, no advance tickets, they are given out day of, first come first serve. We did go here before we went to get our lobster rolls, so it was good timing.


Waiting for our tour!

The tour lasted about an hour, with a 20 min tasting in between. I learned a lot about Harpoon- they just started giving tours last year, don’t do much advertising, and got the first brewery license in Massachusetts!


During out tasting! Like our glasses? Had to wear then since we were in an industrial place.

See that wall behind us? It had so many random, old beer cans. My dad loves Heineken (and so do many Asian dads) so of course I found one for him.


Another thing Harpoon is known for is their pretzels. They fried it in their beer and many people rave about their cinnamon sugar one so I got one. It was amazing. It came with two dipping sauces- peanut butter and maple. I was a big fan of the maple.



Afterwards, we walked around the harbor for a bit-it’s strange for me to smell the salt in the air-you don’t get that in the Midwest! And before I knew it, we had to part ways and then I was back on the T and heading to the airport. Even though I had a late flight (8:50) I wanted to get there by 6ish, and the T was PACKED with people. Unlike when I arrived in Boston-I was pretty much the only one on it.

Overall, Boston was a great trip. I had so much fun and it was great seeing my friends. I definitely will come back since I know there is more to do and I didn’t get to do it! I always said Boston was a town I would live in if I couldn’t be in Chicago, even though I never visited it, but this trip confirmed it for me that I do love it.

Besides, when I was at the mall at the Prudential Tower, I saw this at the Microsoft Store:


I didn’t get to go to Fenway Park or the JFK Library. Oh well, guess I really do have to get back to Boston!

Boston: Day 3 (08/16)

So on my 3rd day in Boston, I did some more tourist things. A duck tour with Cici!


These tours are so cool since they go both on land and water. It went through some of the stuff I saw on the freedom trail but I also learned a lot more about Boston. It was a great way to start off the morning.

Afterwards we were hungry and decided to grab some brunch at Scollay Square. Since I’m on the east coast, I decided to get some lobster Mac and cheese.


Afterwards, me and Cici decided to do more things in the city. Something I feel a lot of asian people do (or at least my parents always ask about each city) is go to Chinatown.


We decided to get some sweets- we got some egg tarts (no pics since they got mashed together during transportation) at Great Taste Bakery Restaurant. We then stopped at tea-do to get some bubble tea. I’m always a fan of milk tea, and I got the green tea coconut flavor.


Afterwards we headed over to the shopping area and went to the Prudential Tower where there is a huge mall in it!

It’s strange that in the East Coast- land is very rare- you either have to build up or down, you can’t go horizontal. This mall reminds me of Water Tower Mall in Chicago.

Afterwards we headed back to Newbury to explore more it.

It was there I found the Pure Barre Boston!


Yeah, I didn’t lift, tone, or burn that weekend lol

And then I did another stop at Georgetown Cupcakes- gotta go as many times as I can!


This time, I got the cookies and cream (left) and salted Carmel (right)

We then met up with Mitch for dinner and were in the mood for asian. We went to a new place on Newbury called Beantown Pho and Grill.

I was kinda crashing so I got some Vietnamese Iced Coffee.


And I decided to get the Crispy Chicken Basil.


Mitch really wanted the mango mouse cake but they ran out so we headed to Pinkberry and then back to his place just for some chill time.

Boston: Day 2 (08/15)

So my second day in Boston was awesome as well. After getting some much needed sleep, I decided to head into the city and follow The Freedom Trail.

To be honest, when someone first told me about it, I thought it was a running trail. I later found it it was a trail marked on the streets on Boston that take you to many historic places in Boston. How cool is that?!


Along the freedom trail, I’ve heard many people talk about these cannolis from the north end which is known as the Italian area. A lot of people rave about them from Mike’s Place. But I also heard the non- tourist area was down and across the street call Modern’s. I was willing to take the taste test to see which is the best!

I went to Moderns first. There was a line, but things were organized and much quieter. You could create your cannoli to your liking.



Then I went to Mike’s. Huge line and chaos. There were many cannolis to pick from but for me to decide which was better I order the same thing I got from Modern’s- Chocolate chip cannoli.


I carried these throughout the rest of my trip on the freedom trail and definitely got some random remarks. “Oh are those for me!?” “Oh which one is better?!” It was quite funny.

I did most of the freedom trail (there’s a blue trail you can take, and I didn’t make it down to see the USS Constitution. But I was tired. I wish not only I brought water, but that I wore sneakers and not sandals!


I then went back to Cambridge and meet up with Mitch and Cici and we gave the cannolis a taste.


And the votes are:

Mikes- Cici
Modern- Mitch and Phu

So Modern wins!

We will admit- not much of a difference. The shell from Modern is more crunchy, and the cream filling is creamier at Mikes.

Afterwards, we decided to check out Harvard. Oh course we walked though Harvard Yard. I felt wicked smaht. And I got a pic with John Harvard, um I mean the statue of 3 lies. Learn more about it here: http://www.summer.harvard.edu/blog-news-events/3-lies-harvard


We then decided to go get dinner by Mitch’s at Ashmont Grill. I got the chicken and dumplings.


Unfortunately we did not have the greatest service. The food was good though.

After dinner, we had a pretty chill night. I played Harry Potter Uno. Which had rules I’ve never heard of.

Boston: Day 1 (08/14)

So I think I should document my travels. I was talking to my friends and I realized I did quite a bit of it this summer!

I’m one of those people when a friend moves to another city- I really make an effort to try and see them there. I see it as an opportunity to not only see a good friend, but to explore a new city! And I have to pay for travel and have a place to stay? Even better!

The only city I actually never went to visit a friend is Philly- but no worries- I still have plans to visit it!

Boston was a huge trip for me- not only do I have not just one friend but two friends that live out there, but it’s a city I’ve never been to before as a family vacation either. When it comes to the east coast, before this trip I’ve only been to DC and NYC. I’ve also been to Philly but it was a rest stop from DC to NYC. My family didn’t do much there but visit family. I’ve also been to New Hampshire, but it was a volunteer trip.

So anyways- Boston! Day 1. Thursday.

I had a pretty early flight- 6am. I’m one of those people I like to arrive early and leave late to make the most of my travel.

Even with the hour ahead time change, I landed in Boston at 9am. My friend gave me directions to go from the airport to his place.

Boston- like Chicago, has a great transportation system. What I loved from it’s free to use from the airport! Unlike Chicago- it’s double the fare if you leave from O’Hare :/ actually, Chicago’s transit is kinda funky.

After arriving to my friends place, I changed and hopped back on the T (Boston’s nickname for their public transportation). I had to buy a pass, which they call Charlie Cards. I ended up buying a 7 day pass since I was there for 4 days, which costed $19.

I was shocked after paying that the machine only gave me a coin back. I was like, “Um, where are the other 3 coins?!” Turns out, Boston uses those $1 coins!


My friend works in Cambridge, right outside of Boston. After catching lunch, he went back to work and I went and explored the MIT campus.


Me and Mitch! Haven’t seen him since the Illini bball game at MSU in Jan ’13!

The MIT campus is insane. I felt like a genius walking there. And the buildings are somewhat interesting, so are some of the sculptures.



Afterwards, Mitch got out of work early and we headed back to the city to see some things and for him to point out stuff I can do on my own the next day.

We went to Boston Commons, a huge park which also has the Public Gardens. Most people know of this area from the bench scene from “Good Will Hunting”


With the recent death of Robin Williams, many people were there to pay their respects. I actually just saw the movie on Monday (I’m horrible with movies, and I was going to watch it before I went to Boston also, just sad that Robin Williams death happened at the same time)

Across the street from the park is the Cheers bar!


Where everybody knows your name!

Then we head down Newbury Street- the fancy shopping area for Georgetown Cupcakes! Since I live in the Midwest, there’s NONE by me! I gotta take advantage of it!


I got the Blueberry Cheesecake- amazing! Graham cracker crust at the bottom!

After these adventures, I was kinda worn out, I was running on like 4 hours of sleep. So we headed back to Mitch’s place to wait for my other friend Cici to get out of work and to go to dinner together.


Me and Cici- haven’t seen this girl since Dec ’13!

We got dinner at The Painted Burro in Davis square- good Mexican food! I got the frozen hibiscus margarita rimmed with sugar


And the mushroom, spinach, and poblano enchilada.


The chips and salsa were amazing- sorry no evidence of it since we constantly ate it all.

I enjoyed my meal but my friends weren’t that impress with their meals. I understand- when it came to my meal you can’t really mess up vegetables.

Afterwards, we wanted desert and Cici had awhile until her bus came so we got fro-yo at Orange Leaf. I’ve never heard of this chain, but it was good. You can’t go wrong with fro-yo.


I love how they have dividers for you! How awesome! I only have a Red Mango or Forever Yogurt. The closest Pinkberry is in the city :/


My BFFs in Boston! I meet the both of them during undergrad at Illinois- both my junior year when I transferred. Cici lived in my dorm and Mitch knew my roommate.

Whew! What a day! I headed to bed because I knew I had another full day ahead of me!