Back at the Barre

Today was my first day back at Pure Barre. And, boy was it rough.

I first joined Pure Barre back when it first opened in my hometown in December. I remember barre intrigued me-a combo of yoga, pilates, and ballet? I’m in! As I mentioned before, I use to be on the dance and cheer team in high school, so I felt that this was right up my alley.

That first class was nothing what I expected. I remember thinking, “Um, what just happened?” and being so sore the next day that even sneezing hurts. But I came back and decided to give it another shot-I couldn’t base it on just one experience, and since they had a special for unlimited for a month, I figured I had nothing to lose. At this point, I knew I got into the Nike Half Marathon and nursing school, and I had to start getting into a routine of working out, and Pure Barre seemed like a good way to do it.

I got hooked. And my hard work showed right away. By the 10th class, I was able to do the right leg splits again and I was the Thursday Thigh Warrior!


Pure Barre was also a good distraction from work, since I work in retail, the holiday season gets rough, since it basically starts right after Labor Day and goes to New Years before kids head back to school from winter break. Then, it was a good distraction from nursing school, but once I added in half marathon training in February, things went crazy. To balance running, work, and school, unfortunately Pure Barre went to the way side. I know, cross-training is important, but I was running 5 days a week, 1 rest day, and when that cross-training day came, I felt I deserved another rest day. And then I got another job, I know, I’m insane! That’s when running also went downhill, but once April hit, I try to make sure I got my runs in before the half marathon. But, I made a promise to myself-once school ended, I will go back to Pure Barre!

The last Pure Barre session I went to was back in March and it was a special one-my BFF Chelsea won a Barre-ty, a private party! It was quite fun to see my friends try out Pure Barre, especially the guys!


It’s crazy to think I’ve been away from the barre for 10 weeks-ish, but I definitely miss it. Even though they changed some things (which is what I love about it-it’s always changing and challenging!) And it feels like home, as soon as I stepped in, Jacquie, the manager hugged me and then texted another teacher to tell them I was back, I felt so loved!

Pure Barre taught me a lot, it was where I learned I could do anything I set my mind to it, where I realize an hour work is only 4% of my day, this hour was my time and nothing else, it really made me think about fitness and working out in a different way.

What is Pure Barre? It’s honestly hard to describe a class- it’s a total body workout, that’s for sure, that works your body in small movements to really upbeat music. I always tell people they should go and try it themselves- and even after that, they can’t seem to find words to explain it either, except “Wow, that’s not what I expected.” Even when you watch other people doing it, it almost seems like they’re doing nothing, but once you do it, you will be sweating bullets.

One of my main motivations is at Pure Barre, there’s something call “The 100 Club” which is once you reach 100 classes, you are in this special club-you get a special tank top, socks, and you get to sign your name on the barre! I was in the lead for quite some time, but since I haven’t been in awhile, I’m no longer in the running, but it’s my goal to get to it! I need to count how many classes I’ve gone to (it’s somewhere in the 30’s but closer-ish to 40). And the clubs don’t stop there- there’s a 250 and 500 club! Omg it will be painful but I’ll make it there!