Nike Victory Tour-research/guesses

hello blog-it’s been awhile, and i owe so many posts, but of course, what always brings me to update it is when it comes to speculating Nike races.

I did quite a lot of research last year on this ever since the news of no more DC. I was excited about Toronto, but i wasn’t able to make it happen due summer school and weddings. I thought about SF, but since I knew I was doing the Chicago Marathon, and that race happens a week beforehand, I decided to be nice to my body and not do it, thinking there’s always next year!

Boy, was I wrong. I should of just done SF when I had the chance.

After news came out that SF wasn’t happening anymore, the possible locations guesses were up for grabs again. of course, I always hope for Chicago or somewhere in the midwest.

I had an idea that they wouldn’t announce anything again until mid January like last year, and i was right-on 1/19, on the Nike Women’s (clothing line) fb page, the new tour would be called the “Victory Tour” <-nice Olympic tie in there. The Run Nike Women Series shared this on there page on 1/22. According to the press release, registration for most cities would open on 1/29. The week leading up to the 29th, some cities had a Victory Tour Prep (I’m not sure which ones had it, could be possible clues?). The two locations that are happening in the US (Atlanta and LA) were only given the choice of signing up to be notified when more details are released.

I’m excited to see what they are doing on this tour, and if I can make it to an event that’s cool, and if not, that’s ok. I feel lucky that I was able to do the DC one before they stopped doing it.

What are my thoughts? From the information from the press release and this video:

The Tour runs from March-September, kicking off in Nagoya. The tour will include 10k-marathon, and NTC fitness events. From the video, I think LA is last, which makes since since that there is Joan Benoit (the inspiration for these Nike Women Events) made history with her victory in 1984 when the women’s marathon was part of the Olympics.

Of course we want to know out of the US locations: are they races/events? and what are the dates? So far, we still don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if LA is the marathon event happening in September. Atlanta appears to happen after the half way mark of the listing of the cities, so who knows.

Some people have speculated on the dates from reading the web source code for these events (ATL: 7/5, LA: 8/27), and looking at the special events pages of these cities (ATL:5k on 6/11-12 weekend, nothing on LA yet) but i don’t know. It’s Nike. I have such a hectic year coming up (I’m invited to 6 weddings, and I’m standing in 3 of them) so I’m not even sure if I can do them. If anything, if the Atlanta one seems possible since it’s closer to me.

Some other questions I still have for them: of course, is there Tiffany’s? The Nagoya event happened yesterday, and it was a marathon and had Tiffany’s for their finishers.

Another question I have-I remember last year I found the SF date by looking at the Team in Training, the non-profit Nike often paired up with for their races if you didn’t get in via lottery-is that still happening? Is there a student entry option also?

As of today, this is what each city says:
-Athens: Sign up to be notified
-Atlanta: Sign up to be notified
-Barcelona: Fitness event, sign up to be notified
-Beijing: Fitness event, sign up to be notified *also a fitness event last year
-Buenos Aires: Race: 21k on 6/5/16
-Guangzhou: Fitness event, sign up to be notified *also a fitness event last year, and a race
-Hong Kong: Race: 10k on 4/2/16 *fitness event last year, and a race. check out this youtube video of last year’s event:

-Istanbul: Sign up to be notified *fitness event last year, and a race
-Jakarta: Fitness event, 4/16/16 *fitness event last year
-LA: Sign up to be notified *fitness event last year happened 04/2015, see pics here
and check out this youtube video Nike uploaded: 

-London: Sign up to be notified, event happening 09/2016 *race last year
-Manila: Race: Half marathon, 5/5/16 *race last year
-Mexico City: Race: Half marathon, 4/24/16 *fitness event last year
-Nagoya: Race: Marathon, 3/13/16 *race last year, also important to note that it also kick off the tour last year
-Rio De Janerio: Race: Half marathon AND Fitness event, 4/10/16 **I’m guessing this city is special since they’re hosting the Olympics this year** Check out more about this here.
-Seoul: Race: Half marathon, 5/22/16 *also a race last year 
-Shanghai: Fitness event, sign up to be notified *also a fitness event last year
-Sydney: Fitness event, 3/19/16 *also a fitness event last year
-Taipei: I need a code to see this website? *fitness event last year, and a race
-Tokyo:Fitness event, 5/15/16

Hm. interesting. I never did look at each website for the events last year, maybe I should and compare the two.   <-I completely forgot that last year when they announced the cities last year, they also indicated which ones were a race and which one was a fitness event. Therefore, I bolded the cities that appeared last year ago, and made note what type of race/event it was. If anything, I wish I knew the dates each event ended up happening on, but it run from March-October 2015 (Nagoya Race and Shanghai Fitness event) This doesn’t help much since LA was a fitness event last year and Atlanta is a new city to host Nike.

Cities that didn’t come back from Nike Women’s Event Series 2015 (Fitness events or a Race: 5k-half marathon):
-Amsterdam (Race)
-Berlin (Race)
-Lima (Race)
-Medellin (Race)
-Milan (Race)
-Moscow  (Fitness event and Race)
-Paris (Race)
-Quito (Race)
-San Francisco (Race) *Half marathon was held 2003-2015, marathon option was available 2003-2013. The race was always in October.
-Stockholm (Fitness event and Race)
Nike uploaded youtube videos for both the fitness event and the race:

-Toronto (Race) *This 15k race happened in June 2015

DC Half marathon only happened 2013-2014, happening in April each year.

Who knows what to make of all of this information, maybe both US events are just fitness events.


Chicago marathon=done

wow, I’ve become pretty horrible at this. I feel it’s been because of many factors but regardless I did want to say I did complete the marathon and I hope to have a recap up this week. And all of the other recaps I promised since midterms madness is officially over. 

weekly recap

These are slowly coming back, I promise!

After that half marathon on 05/17, I was out for the count for awhile since I didn’t train for it at all. And my crazy self was even seriously contemplating on running the Solider Field 10 Miler just 6 days later (I originally thought I was gonna be out of town that weekend, so when my weekend became free, I was thinking about it) so I did nothing the rest of the week.

But, this past week-I did something!

Fri, 05/29: Shred415 Class

And boy, it was rough!

Now that I finally have summer kind of fully into the swing of things, I will be back to blogging more! I will tell you about that class, and I’m hoping this summer, I can write more about other things I’ve always wanted to write on here too.

Weekly Recap

Although I’ve been on summer break for awhile, these past weeks I had to still go to school to handle loose ends (like applying for boards, clinical evaluations, etc). It’s not all completely done yet, but I do feel a good chunk of it is done, and hopefully this blogging thing gets back on track!
I do have a weekly recap for you, it’s short, but something did happen!
Sun, 05/17: Chicago Spring Half Marathon- 13.1 miles
Yeah, you read that right. That’s it. I haven’t ran since my last race, which was the Shamrock Shuffle back in March! It was rough, but I complete and I really made sure I listen to my body. I’ll get into more details about the race and how I feel in the race recap post, and then hopefully can finally upload those other recaps I need to post on here!

it’s been awhile huh?

hello world 🙂

i’m so sorry i haven’t really been around as much as i wanted to, and i totally left you hanging on my stair climb and how it went! and my 10k race! i actually have all of the recaps as a draft, but no pics in those posts.

i actually owe you 4 race recaps, gahh! (fight for air climb: oakbrook, mardi gras chaser 10k, fight for air climb: chicago PT, shamrock shuffle 8k)

so, how’s my life going? well, nursing school is pushing my limits, in every way possible. i eat, sleep, study, repeat. when i have a choice for down time, it’s a battle between: sleep more? study more? and therefore running goes to the side. a lot also happened in my work life, it just never gets easier, does it?

it’s finals week for me now, and i hope i can keep at this blogger better now that summer is almost within my reach.

but, of course, i have some big news.

me and running are getting back together bc…

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.01.23 PM

i got into the chicago marathon! i couldn’t believe it, i wasn’t paying attention at all to my lecture, i just kept refreshing my gmail and athlete center, and by the time i got this screen, i only had 20 mins left in class. oops. lol

so, i just wanted to give a little bit of an update, and hopefully this is the intro to kick me back into blogging more regularly, bc gaaaaah i’m going to run a marathon!

weekly recap

i’m so sorry for being radio silent these past days! but i had nothing fitness activity wise to report until this week!

Sat, 02/21-mardi gras chaser 10k!

so i owe you guys still the race recap of the oakbrook tower stair climb and this race!

february is flying by!

Fight for Air Climb: Oakbrook Preview

So this weekend, I will be taking part of another stair climb that I have done before-the Fight for Air Climb of Oakbrook Tower!

The climb is with the American Lung Association. I did it for the first time back in 2012, I was unable to do it in 2013 since I was out of town visiting Lauren in STL for Mardi Gras! But, my co workers and I did do it in 2014!

This tower is much shorter-31 floors/680 steps-which is NOTHING after you just did the Aon climb!

All you have to do is climb once, but there are other climbs available to you:

-extreme climb (climb 2x)
-ultimate climb: (climb 3x)
-power hour-climb as many times as you can in an hour!

There is also teams, but mainly for fundraising to see what team can raise the most money!

Other fun things they do are they recognize if you have done the climb before, you get an alumni pin! And they have a special one for 5 years and 10 years.

There is a challenge that you can do call “Beat your time” If you beat your time from either the previous year, or the year before that, you get another ribbon! I wish I knew about it for 2014, I beat my 2012 time by a lot, but I will challenge myself to that this year!

Although I don’t have to pay for this climb since I am doing this through work, registration is more so like a race-it starts at $15, and can increase as it gets closer to race day to $45 (unlike other ones, it’s one set rate) and each person, either as a part of a team or individual, has to fundraise $100.

This race is special to me since it was the first race that I got a medal! Yay!

Here are some pics from the past events:






Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 12.02.13 AM

weekly recap


bc winter storm linus/superbowl blizzard/whatever other names suck. my poor little toyota corolla got stuck so many times this weekend just going to work that as soon as i got home, i refused to leave!

if anything, it makes me really want a toyota rav4 at the moment.

Stair Climb: Step Up for Kids Recap

As I mentioned in my Preview post, I just complete doing the Aon Stair Climb for the 4th time!

This climb is close to my heart because it was the first fitness event I ever did. Over the years though, things have been predictable for me since I’ve done it so many times. The first year I did it (2012), I had a really early wake up call, but because of that, I had access to a ton of food at the end! I mean, I’m talking deep dish pizza and ice cream! Then, they changed my start time the same year the hospital changed their name (2013), so although I appreciate the later time and therefore I can sleep in, I have also noticed there is always a decrease of things available to finishers at the end. I don’t know if it is because it’s later and things run out or there is less sponsors also. Just something I’ve noticed.

Also, the swag is not much. I get the same shirt every year, it’s just a different color, and it’s cotton, not a tech one. There’s no medal either. Although I don’t have to pay, but it is $50 to register, and $100 minimum donation, so about the same as the Hancock and SkyRise and I feel I get a bit more stuff at the end. I know people don’t do these events for the swag, but I guess since I’ve done more now, it’s just an interesting comparison. There also isn’t as many photographers at this one as other ones I’ve done, none at the step and repeat (except to use your own phone) Not much entertainment before you climb while waiting in line,

I will say, one thing I do like about this race is that stairs! they are wide stairways and are concrete the whole way! And it’s always cute to see the kids do it, makes you wish you could go as fast as they do! Parking is reasonable also, $10! And day of packet pick up is allowed. Plus, the top of the Aon isn’t a place open to the public, so it’s pretty cool you are up there! Gear and coat check are the same location also.

I mainly do this event just because I can and able to through work, and it’s become a fun thing for me and my co workers to do yearly. Would I do it if I can’t do it through work? No, mainly since I’ve done it before so many times already.

Besides the poor planning, and things not going my way (my fitbit ran out of battery! ahh of course on a day I do a lot of steps!) I am proud of my co workers doing the climb again and recruiting more people!

2015-01-26 23.16.26

And can you believe since it was snowing/cloudy, this was my view at the top!?

2015-01-25 11.24.55